Time Zones

Can’t deal with all the time differences? Wondering how to keep in touch with my lovely self despite them? Well, I guess I can help you out. I’ll give the longer way first with this link to a time zone conversion website – for those of you with a minute to spare. Short version? Here’s a list of time differences based off of my home zone in CT (EST). This list will be updated with more places in order as I continue to travel.

Hawai‘i: -6 hours
>> HI @ 12 am is CT @ 6 am
Call @ 12 – 1 pm or 10 pm – 12 am EST

Japan: +13 hours
>> JPN @ 12  am is CT @ 11 am (previous day)
Call @ 8-11 am or 6-7 pm EST

New Zealand: +18 hours
>> NZ @ 12 am is CT @ 6 am (previous day)
Call @ TBD

*still being determined