About Moi

Hi! My name’s Liz; I’m the second most appealing thing in the picture on the left. I am the proud owner of the lovely Zoey, my 10-year old husky/malamute, and she’s an absolutely precious dope. I’m currently a junior at Smith College and am spending a year abroad. Because of this, paired with this amazing internship I landed in Hawaii, I decided to start a travel blog! This is something I’ve never done before, so we’ll see how long I can keep consistent, but I’m giving it my all!

I plan to keep this going (hopefully) for the rest of my life, but for now feel free to follow along as I visit Oahu, Kyoto and Christchurch over the next year or so. You’re welcome to follow this blog, comment, hit me up on Facebook or do other snazzy stuff, I’m interested in other people’s experiences and super down to chat. Enjoy my ramblings and B+ photography 🙂

Lizzie, me and Takato-san (left to right) enjoying drinks and a slang lesson at a cafe in Kyoto

Here are some tags for a quick creep of my blog! Click these to see:

my face, my friends, the outdoors, the beach & food


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