I’m So Over Outcrops

Geology is so not my vibe, and yet here we are on day #toomany of geo stuff. Today we spent hours in the hot sun, driving from outcrop to outcrop to sketch a whole buttload of rocks. There are so many layers of fallen sediment, with various sizes, textures, fall patterns and we got up on all of it. Madness. I partnered up with the other Liz of the group, and we proceeded to kick rocky ass as we analyzed the heck out of the 2 side-by-side outcrops we were checking out. Some of it was really wet and muddy, which meant a lot of fun semi-successful scrambling up the side of the outcrops to try and figure out what was happening there. We were right there eye to eye with the rock, darting across the road for a full picture of the thing, back for up-close sketching, oh my god it dragged out for 2 hours. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed this first stop, but imagining people who do this stuff as a profession? Ha, no thank you!

(outcrop pics)

There were 2 more stops after that with way less intense sketching, maybe only ~15 minutes at those sites versus the over 2 hours spent at location 1. It was a big exercise in determining how volcanic explosions deposited their loads, from lahars to lava flows to pyroclastic deposit to generic ash fall and more. Interesting stuff that I suggest looking into, since not all of those things require an eruption.

(other outcrop pics)

The most fun part of the day was going out to see a waterfall, aka an old lava flow that ate the hell out of a cliff. We all scuttled under the water on slippery rocks, getting whipped with the flurry of water and wind and loving it. After a good time chilling under the waterfall we actually hiked up to see it from the top, which was wild. There was a whole different view up there, and we were literally on the edge of the waterfall looking down. New Zealand is so beautiful, it keeps hitting me and not getting old.

(waterfall pics)

Once we got back to the vans we went to the lodge super quick to freshen up before making our way back to the Skotel (Sketch Hotel) for dinner. Today was a bangin’ assortment of pork and lamb with sweet veggies, and a yummy raspberry cheesecake with ice cream for dessert. This is the life that I’m about. And thank god we had that, because the rest of the night was spent in tears and tired-ness over an assignment on volcanic explosions, the lahars vs lava flows vs more, hazards of each and all this other geo stuff I’m not about. Bless Sandy’s geology background, because that goddess guided me through the assignment in all of my confusion. Praise my friends new and old.


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