I Punched A Hot Spring!

The day was hot and things were steamy up in here! We went to the nearby thermal pools, location uncertain, to do some low-key science investigation. And by that I mean walk around a nice little path littered with thermal pools and bubbling mud pits. Scientific power of observation, am I right? There were some tourists but it was pretty quiet, which was nice for just wandering around. At one point the group all got ahead of us, and so in out semi-alone state Sandy, Laura, Chloe and I decided to test out the temperature intensity of the water. Now Dan said that these pools could be approximately 100ºC, which may or may not be hot as balls. But you never know, right? So we threw some sticks into the water to check it out. Wah wah wah, stupid idea no.1. They just floated and swirled about, which was cool and all but not very helpful in understanding the heat intensity. I think they were indeed hot though, if the barely visible steam wisps were anything to go off of.

Stupid idea no.2? The next test of temperature! This one was a successful letdown, which I admit sounds counter-intuitive but truly isn’t. There was a small puddle that I was eying, no smoke wisps, no bubbling, passed the hand-above test for not uber hot. So I dipped a fingertip in fast as heck and felt nothing. Now, did I actually touch the water and it wasn’t boiling? Was I too fast to tell? Unsure. Which lead to the problem solving – punch the hot spring. Aka aforementioned stupid idea. Which I did, and it was all good! Hot spring punched, temperature checked – all clear. It was lukewarm, somewhat on the cold side, with a great effect from all of us as we questioned my intelligence. But that’s the letdown; yes, I punched potentially boiling water but no, it wasn’t hot and I’ve been lied to. Not true of all the pools, seeing as many were steaming me up like a pork bun from 5 feet away. But not my little pool. It’s okay, probably much better for my hand than the alternative.

So after we finished dinking around a good 10 minutes behind the group, we had to figure out where we were. As in, the path continued out but also lead back to the hot spring facility. Ah, the age old ‘should I stay or should I go now’ question re-emerges. Well, we wandered into what may or may not have been a patch of local-only (unwritten but tangible rule) hot springs, plus a mini-pool where we did some more temp-testing with dandelions (burn baby burn they did). After that little stint we wandered back to the building and inquired with the woman at the desk. Thankfully Dan was wise enough to count for our lagging idiocy and pay for the group, allowing us to waltz right in. Disaster avoided!!

The inside was nice, with 3 pools (1 of them a kiddie pool) and plenty of space for our large group plus a sizable number of other weirdos. Very warm though, such that I had to keep majestically (not) lifting myself out of the water for some cool waves of air. God I always overheat in those types of situations, it’s no bueno my friends. It was a nice soak on the whole though, and I think we got to stay in for about an hour before being whisked off to go back and explore some more.



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