We All Fall Down

Plant identification today, getting down and dirty with some leaves! We hiked a bit in these falls whose name is to be determined, stopping to eat lunch at the beautiful place below. It was about a 30-minute drive from the university we’re at, and ended up being an ~3 hour adventure. I believe the falls were only 15-20 minutes in on the trail.

The landscape was littered with absolutely huge boulders that were transported there by flooding and sedimentation, which was a major lesson point of the day. We came to that conclusion while enjoying lunch, paired with some more water-y observations as we walked ever-higher.

We stopped at a few different water spots, the first of which was to simply admire the gorgeous waterfall and glowy atmosphere; I mean this place straight-up looked like a movie set, all twinkly in the sunlight. It was a strictly no-swim zone, which meant we were all eyes only, but it was still gorgeous and I’m glad we checked it out.

So I’ve included the 2 swim spots below, and one was a river while the second was a bubbling aquifer. Both were absolutely freezing and gorgeous. Alright, the river actually gets more points in the prettiness department but whatever. There was a swing that, according to Max, is a tourist trap to see who’s stupid enough to use it (sorry guys who used it). It was way too short and not a worthy ride, so everyone ended up following in Dan’s footsteps and climbing up about 20 feet to jump off the rocks. Family, you should be glad to know that I kept my Hawai‘i incident in mind and kept my body strictly in the water. Those who went for it had a blast though, and only a few people bruised themselves (though not nearly as badly as I had). It was freezing, so I only dipped my lower half in but I still dug it.

The other watering hole was actually a natural aquifer that was bubbling, it looked fake. It was also freezing and a bit crowded, so again I favored my half-hearted dipping in to the water. But a lot of people went right for it, and we all dipped our water bottles in to the water bubbles to try some straight-up fresh water. It was quality.

We had dinner out tonight, so I hit up this lovely Indian restaurant called Spice Jubilee with Bryce, Sandy, Laura, Emily, Chloe and Maddy (left to right). We ended up getting a lot of cheesy naan (thinking of you Lizzie), and I had chicken kadhi, which is a classic North Indian dish according to our server and something I’d never seen before. It had a lot of ginger and capsicum in it, and I would 10/10 recommend. After everyone finished their meals, including 3 vegetable curries because we’re all about that diversity, everyone went around sharing childhood stories. We had the tragic tale of trying a staple through your fingernail, playing gangster spotters on the way to school for a year, and beating the crap out of boys when little amongst many things. It was fun bonding and hard to pick something worth sharing, but I definitely feel closer to some more people in the group now. New friends plus Indian food? Can’t be a bad combo.


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