These Boots Were Made For Walking (& Climbing & Being Waterproof)

Finally, finally, finally I got a haircut, sweet jesus. It’s been 4 months since the last time I got all my hair shaved off and oh did it feel good to watch the inches drop in the mirror. Sophia’s mom actually drove me to the mall for this cheap place called Just Cuts, which I super recommend if you’re in NZ, that does any cut for $29 NZD. Of course, shampooing and other stuff are extra but otherwise it’s pretty sweet. My hairdresser was this cool chick from China, a province just south of Beijing, who just moved to the country 2 months ago and let me super explain what I wanted. What a rad chick.

After the hair cut I was still in a mall, even if it was super tiny, so I wandered around and wasted away an hour or so in the bookstore. So many titles I want to read, it’s always so hard! After I dinked around for long enough I took the line back to Wellington, where I resumed my hunt for hiking boots and pants. Mission accomplished at Kathmandu, but it was pretty rough with my cards, curse the things.

After successfully acquiring my outdoorsy stuff I decided to head further in to town and try to find the Asian markets Sophia’s mom had talked about. Alas, not knowing their names I trusted Google Maps. You know what you should never trust? Google Maps. I ended up walking for almost an hour, stumbling upon the actually cool Tomb of the Unknown Warrior and exploring the small associated ‘learn about this’ area and admire the cool structures outside of it.

Here’s the tomb, stacked high and with a lot of young military personnel inside. The inner walls were lined with plaques dedicated to various battalions, generals and more.

As I said, I tried to find the Asian market, which does not mean that I found it. Because I didn’t, as sucky as that was. What I did do, after turning around and facing off into the 120 km/hr wind, bag aggressively hitting my side and me in circles over the wrong directions, was go to the ocean. I had cheese and crackers to eat, I was tired and it’s been a long while overall since I’ve seen the ocean. So that’s what I ddi along with 2 weird birds, both of whom became my friends despite my carefully not dropping a crumb for the 2 of them. Also Polish people have their own little plaque thing, hell yeah!

Lastly, I got home to what was probably oyakodon, aka chicken and egg donburi, something that exists in both Korean and Japanese culture. I may be mixing up nights but as I’m finally capping this off on the 16th it’s a bit hard to recall. Anyways, the dinner was definitely yummy! Afterwards Sophia introduced me to some new tv, specifically British comedy Black Books and the highly-acclaimed, technology-analyzing Black Mirrors. Really thought-provoking, a great exploration of what technology promises from the good and bad angles, and all one-shots so they seem super accessible to watch. I recommend both (click the titles to see trailers!), especially since we stayed up watching them for a while. We also went up to my room to play Bananagrams after that, which felt anti-social as we quietly contemplated out boards but ended up being perfect. Thanks again to my amazing office in Hawai‘i for the gift, and thanks to anyone who’ll ever play it with me (you so cool Sophia!).

I’ll cap it off with some post-haircut selfies, because I looked and felt bombin’. Gotta post good photos when you have ’em.


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  1. Patricia nagy says:

    Hi Elizabeth nice hair cut but where is the blond hair? Who would have said polish chrildren in New Zealand how nice love grandma


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