‘Til Next Time, Nihon

I’m sitting in the airport waiting to peace out of this country and I couldn’t feel more . . . floaty. Not in a pretty, fantastical way but the way that one feels when everything is just happening around you in a blur, and you’re the sole thing in focus on the camera. I’m still terribly sad to be leaving – I’ve warned okaa-san of a hugging and teary breakdown after we get off and split in Auckland. I had mad luggage struggles (eff you and your 7kg carry-on policy, Europe and Asia and whoever the hell does that) but somewhat settled them thanks to my goddess of a check in lady. I’m sitting with okaa-san’s friends now and debating if I want food, because I’m cheap but also not that hungry. Everything is just drifty.

I managed to leave otou-san with a hug, which made me happy. It was raining out to set the perfect sad goodbye, but walking out of the front gate for the last time didn’t feel that sad, because I know I’ll be back. Actually, to be more accurate I waddled out of it. Picture this: ridiculous American girl needs to meet luggage weight limits and does it in 3 sweaters, 2 long sleeves, 2 layers of pants and hiking socks each, plus leg warmers and tall-ass boots. Don’t forget the heavy duty rain/winter coat with socks stuffed in the pockets and the necessary hat and scarf combo. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I’m a mess. I even kind of fell down the airport escalator with a full line behind me. Sorry future American travelers, I’m trying to keep a good image but there’s only so much I can do.

That’s it for now, I have to board soon and all, but here’s my check in for family and friends. Plus I’m likely to forgot all of this when I wipe out on the plane. Alas, my final farewell from Japan, sent with love, sadness and a whole lot of hope for the future – 今学期は本当にありがとうございました。

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