I’m A Mess With A Burnt Mouth

‘A different train wreck every day.‘ That’s what Lizzie called me once, and it’s not how I aspire to live my life but it happens anyways. Today was a great case in point; let the games begin.

I was supposed to wake up at 8; I wanted to do laundry and be showered and hang my clothes outside by 9. That flopped when I woke up at 9:30. I’ll blame it on the packing ’til 3 am that I got caught up in last night. When I finally do emerge upstairs it’s about 10:30 and I’m scarfing down breakfast because there is sooo much to do. I had to go to the post office and mail my precious pottery and other crap, run (literally) down to Teramachi to meet Lizzie and Steph for our final hangout, do my laundry . . . . new year, same bad habits Liz. Not smooth.

I finished my food at 11:20 and headed downstairs to grab my coat, coming upstairs all ready to go. Otou-san questioned, “laundry?” and I said that it was okay, I’d leave it and just hang it when I got back. Which would mean it’d sit in the machine for maybe 8 hours tops, but if I was home that would also happen so whatever, right? Oh no ho ho. He wasn’t demanding about it in a mean, I-know-best way, it was definitely out of concern, but he told me to go get my laundry and put it out to dry. Which means this is my fastest laundry run ever, despite me having to fight every frickin piece of clothing because I swear, I could sit down and aggressively tie the crap out of all my clothes into the most complex knot in the world and it wouldn’t come anywhere close to the mess the washer spits my clothes out as. Plus the way that the scatter all over the patio when I finally wrestle a piece free from the mass. Curses.

It’s 11:40 when I finish that crap and 11:50 by the time we’re out the door. My box is 12.5 kilos and I have no idea where the post office is – did I mention it’s a 40 minute walk to Teramachi from the house? I am a mess. We end up putting my box in the bike basket, which leads me to an oh no moment because guess who can’t ride a bike? This loser! Plus, no idea where the post office is! Luckily we just walked it over together and used the bike to balance out the weight of the box. Phew. When we got to the post office they took me right away, but there were complications because I shipped sake; what type of alcohol? What proof? I told them it was 14% cooking alcohol because hey, what girl can’t use gold-flake sake to make a mean dish? I swear to god I will burn worlds if they confiscate my baby bottles of nothing.

Okay, momentary confusion aside, we’re all good. Right? No, because a goddamn, government-level service as basic as the post office does not take credit cards. Cash only, please and thank you. Now, otou-san told me afterwards that Japan is a ~30% card using country, and I get it. I’d been forewarned about always having cash on-hand and expecting to use it. But in the post office? You gotta be shitting me. I honestly just froze, jaw dropped like I broke it and eyes bugging out more than a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. And those dogs have some buggy eyes. What was I to do? I have hella low cash, all in USD, and I’m saving it for New Zealand anyways because god knows how I’ll get money out there (I never managed to do it here). I had no time to run home even if I wanted to exchange anything because of my plans with Lizzie and Steph which, even if I wanted to, I couldn’t change because no one can talk to each other once they leave the fricking house. Bless, bless bless otou-san, who not only came in with and helped me, but also had the yen on hand to pay for my ridiculously expensive shipping. I would’ve been beyond screwed otherwise. Post office down and damned, and we’re on to the next one.

Teramachi. My teiki is out and I’m too cheap (as a person and with my non-existent funds) to take the bus. I like running I tell (lie to) myself. It’s a new year, I can’t be this much of a late ass hat. Multiple other scenarios played out in my head but alas, otou-san interrupted my mental chaos to tell me we’re going home. What? I have plans good sir, I can’t go home! Twist things up and call me a happy cabbage because otou-san is driving me down to Teramachi, bless him yet again. I even make it with 10 minutes to spare, although I still charge out of the car like a mad woman despite that. Alas, no one gets there until 12:45 (we planned for 12:30) and I’m freaking out that I have the wrong time/place/etcetera. No, I don’t, we’re just clowns. And you know, despite planning to see Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, which I’ve been itching to check out and we dropped plans for yesterday, pushing them to today, we didn’t even go. It’s too expensive here,¥1800 for peasants and still ¥1500 with a student discount. Oh we are so bad at planning.

We leave without a plan, until bowling comes to mind. I’ve always wanted to go here with these two, and we don’t have anything better so why not? We end up not finding the bowling alley; there are 5+ floors in this building and none of them have lanes. I’m still confused. However all of the floors had games, including virtual fishing, coin-sweep games and virtual horse racing, the seats of which were filled with sprawled out old men aggressively chomping down on candy. Glad to see we all live our own lives. We ended up trying the taiko game, maimai which is hell on earth but I love it, and DDR, the latter of which almost gave me a heat stroke and sent me in front of the fan for a while while Steph tried out some game whose name I never learned. Gosh dang wild stuff happening, none of it bowling. Jesus.

When we pulled our butts out of the arcade to head to the AKP office, we ended up running into Walter, a fellow AKP student, on the way. Apparently there are ~$90 round trip flights to Hokkaido, a lot of Ainu museums in the middle of nowhere and a whole load of fun tales he shared with us. Seems that everyone’s been having a wild vacation, however they’ve spent it. I’m glad to see some of us function well and explore the world. During the conversation a little girl and her mom strolled by, and due to Walter’s 6 foot (or more) height the girl was amazed, like full on stop-and-stare turn around, shout-whispering “he’s a giant” and pointing. Oh, kids; Walter made funny faces at her in return and it was cute to see her (and her kind of embarrassed but grateful mom) laugh in response.

All was well at the office, even if I’d messed up with my insurance (I swear, I tried to be insured ’til the end of my stay, but the ward office had other plans). I got kept a little late though, which had me running home for my final making of takoyaki with otou-san. I did all the chopping, mixing, rinsing and making madness that comes with it, and oh my god they were so good. Best food ever, I swear I could live off of those and buffalo wings forever and always. We ended with homemade whipped cream and chocolate-shell vanilla cake for dessert, as well as my last milk tea. Oh my god am I going to miss everything here so much.

After tha


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  1. Patricia nagy says:

    Elizabeth Elizabeth Elizabeth you have to learn to plan better remember your and adult now never leave things to the last minute love grandma


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