So Many Stones

The days are really closing in and I’m feeling it. Luckily I have great friends here to spend those days with, which is how I ended up going out for Indian today with Lizzie and Steph.We finally found the place we were looking for, Ellora, and Lizzie and I still can’t believe that we missed it last Friday. It was just as good as the first time I went, only this time I got chicken saag and keema curry, the latter tasting kind of like a meatball and delicious. They also had great add-on options, meaning I got both a mango lassi and iced chai for just $2 total. Rock on my friends.

Afterwards we explored the arcade a bit, where they even had rugs and foreign chocolate in some of the machines. Never seen that before, and I don’t know how I feel about it. The rug was very soft though, I must say. After that we visited the Animate store yet again, where Steph went after some more Yuri On Ice merch (bless her soul) and I acquired a spiffy-looking book of short stories by Kazue Kato, aka the author of Ao no Exorcist which is lovely and getting a second season coming out in just 3 days. I highly recommend taking a look into it, though I must say the manga is better. Ok, done promoting now 😉


We parted ways after that since everyone had things to attend to, except for me. Which left me dangerously alone and wandering the streets of Teramachi . . . which meant me dropping some cash. On the downside, my stingy side is pissed. On the upside, I have new pretty things that I love. It’s a balancing act. I have acquired some smashing earrings, 2 rings (one of which is Inca Rose, the other is basic and stone-less), a lovely tiger’s eye stone. Plus a baby nautilus and urchin shell, since I pulled a paper for ¥200 worth of merchandise. Mini-score for Liz! After that it was the last bus ride home and it’s so sad that my teiki ends today, mainly because it’s a tangible sign of the end of my time but mostly because now my lazy butt has to walk downtown. Sigh.

I came home to the joy of making okonomiyaki one last time with otou-san, only this time was legit. I mixed everything myself, even chopped the cabbage like a boss and set them going. Otou-san was super nice and since I was telling him how I plan on making this back home, he had me make them in frying pans because I don’t have the griddle they do back home. Too dang considerate. They ended up pretty dang good if I do say so myself, although I refused to flip them over the first time because I suck at the upward toss crap and could only imagine a sad mess of half-raw batter slowly ruining their kitchen. Yeah, sorry but master chef Liz is still in training. I promise I did all the other flips – just not the first.


Now it’s bedtime and my tired butt is more than ready to crash. I actually fell asleep semi-on top of Miao-chan before she ditched me, but until then it was so nice and soft and she kept kissing me. Such a good girl. Except when she tries to eat my box of goodies home, of which she’s already tasted a good corner of one flap. So weird and precious. Alright, that’s all for now folks so oyasuminasai!

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