A Day of Pets and Pork Goodness

Yesterday I was promised a Miao-chan awakening, and today it happened. Sort of. As it turns out Miao-chan makes a horrible alarm clock, entering my room and exploring long before even bothering to come over to my semi-sleeping form. When she did come over it was very sweet, with her pressing her soft, wet little nose to my mouth and cheek to make sure that I was breathing. After that no shits were given as she resumed exploring, and so I went back to that groggy in-between state before she checked on me once more and went on her way. I actually woke up a half hour later, coming upstairs to tell okaa-san that it didn’t work. Wah wah wah. My actually hope was that Miao-chan would just curl up n my futon and sleep with me but alas, dreams can’t always come true. Oh well.

We went out today to visit Chiro-chan (the first)’s grave, which was actually plotted out in an exclusively pet cemetery. I don’t think I’ve ever heard or seen one before in the States, so it was really nifty to see a whole space devoted to animals. We’re talking fancy stuff too, full on gravestones, fresh flowers, face plaques, and those are only some of the things. I said a little something for Bella-boo while I was there, and then we were on our way.

Post-graveyard was take 2 at Uniqlo this year, where they had even more sale stuff and otou-san ended up snoozing in the car after okaa-san and I lost ourselves in all the goods. Fancy new pants, hello and thank you. I swear, that place is a goldmine and I don’t know why I never go to the once at home. We came home to Miao-chan being uber cute, and doing what okaa-san called the ‘sexy pose’. Cats gone wild over here. Also my camera’s been doing some artsy crap lately so I think Miao-chan looks super snazzy in these pics. Check it.

After settling into blog updating, chatting with friends and more I got a very important piece of news. Well, I actually got it before shopping but it’s going down here. After all my visa stress I was emailed back by the office and guess who’s frickin’ approved for New Zealand as of last year?! I don’t know why the acceptance file slipped by me, or why it’s posted in such a not-easy manner, but oh dear cheezus is this a weight off my shoulder. Mr. Skynard I am indeed free as a bird now. A good, easy day. I’m going to bed very happy.

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  1. Patricia nagy says:

    Hi Elizabeth heard you got your visa now your down to the last few days hope you get every thing packed good memories will follow every where you go love grandma


  2. Patricia nagy says:

    Hi Elizabeth a neighbor of mines son has a funeral pallor and he just opened a room for viewing pets people just love their animals!! Nice picture of ( your cat) she’s going to miss you love grandma


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