Chasing Dreams and Magazines

I think I’m in a perpetual state of semi-sickness since last week, since I woke up in the afternoon and still felt crappy. Okaa-san had prepped guacamole toast and chocolate croissants though, so it was a pretty good pick-me-up as far as mornings go. The roll cakes she’d bought didn’t hurt either.

I had no goals today until I realized that the country is closing up soon (courtesy of New Years) and that there is an anime magazine I’d like to acquire. I feel like a dunce for passing up on it in Osaka yesterday, but I told myself ‘don’t worry Liz, we didn’t mess up, we were trying to be frugal and it’ll be easy enough to find‘. I asked for some tips on where to find anime magazines, how likely it is to be in stock, etcetera, and I was on my way.

img_2786Don’t worry my ass. Frugality is dead here and the magazine was not easy to find. In fact I didn’t find it at all. I’m going out hunting again tomorrow. Luckily I was swept off my feet by the bookstore Maruzen, which is in the BAL complex on Kawaramachi and a place I’d only visited once before. Oh how sprawling and beautiful she is, with 2 wide floors and a whole big section of English books. I spent over an hour in there admiring everything from Japanese language-learning books to photography books to rows upon rows of manga and more. I ran out of time and patience there as I failed to find my magazine, but here’s one picture from someone’s art book that particularly struck my fancy. The artist’s name is Ilya Kuvshinov, and the page is from her book Momentary. Please check her out because all the works I flipped through were beyond gorgeous.img_2797When I got home after my frantic run-around I was quickly ushered back out the door for a family outing to kaitenzushi, this time at a fancy open-air style place. I went through 11-12 plates and they were all delicious, despite me having to pick the wasabi off of every nigiri. I hate the flavor, not the spiciness (heck, I love spicy), but it was too much in that they added too much and it ruined the flavor of the fish. So I had a sad plate of green-tinged rice grains sitting atop my otherwise-proud tower of finished fish. Okaa-san even ordered me wasabi-free fugu (blowfish) to end the night, and it was the best thing I had.

I’d also ordered sake with my meal, which was interesting. It was tasty, let me lay that down first – no regrets on ordering it. However, there was the cold vs hot choice, and I thought that there was less sake if I ordered hot so I chose that one. It’d also be a first for hot alcohol, so why not? Ehhhh. I was wrong, and received a soda-can sized bottle. Scratch that since I’m bad with size approximation, but I have no better guess. It ended up seeing me through 5 shot glasses, so that was delicious but unexpected for the night. Definitely too hot for a coat for the rest of the night.

When we finished they actually, bless their souls, took me to a bookstore at a department store for me to look for my magazine. We didn’t end up finding it, and sadly rode the elevator back to our parking level. Or not, since we rode down instead of up, which okaa-san blamed me for until I pointed out the fact that I was in the back while otou-san lead out butts around. Please woman, I may be up on the alcohol but I’m down with the scene. As we rode the now 2 elevators up I noticed Starbucks advertising a new choco-banana flavor for cocoa and frappes, which I ecstatically pointed out to okaa-san. Cue the ‘let’s get it!‘ while I flusteredly explained that ‘no, it just looks cool, I’m all bueno!’ and we rode by it. Until we hit the garage and otou-san explained that oh shit, we didn’t buy anything so we couldn’t get out. I don’t really get the system, but apparently you show them your receipt from shopping as you leave to prove your need of the parking? So guess who got her choco-banana frappe, as did okaa-san? Yeah, I’m pretty good even when I don’t try.



P.S. the magazine I’m looking for is the most recent Spoon.2di edition featuring Yuri On Ice. If anyone knows where they sell this in Kyoto for the love of god tell me.

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  1. Patricia nagy says:

    Hi Elizabeth how did you eat 11 plates of food? And that was a lot of saka!! Better to stick with the Starbucks good luck finding that magazine love grandma


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