The Food’s On Fire And So Is My Heart

Out and about in Osaka today – what a change to my slow-paced, mostly lazy days since break! I had to get up at 8:30 to meet up with Steph and Lizzie and oh was it difficult. I managed though, and the 3 of us made it to Osaka by about 11:30. Although I was feeling a little too under the weather to eat, we sat down at a cute cafe with a distinct atmosphere, where Steph got this cool-looking and tasty fuwa fuwa doria!

After food we hit up the Animate Store (I think? Haha they lead me to the wonderland, so I don’t really know) in pursuit of beauty. I was mainly on the hunt for, you guessed it . . .YURI ON ICE STUFF!!!! And they had it. AHHHH! I know I keep geeking over it but it’s such a model production for the industry in terms of everything, from social to mental to emotional representations and ah man I just can’t gush enough. Sorrynotsorry. Here’s me posing with the magazine I ended up buying, in front of the show’s display. I hope you can feel my excitement because I was literally screaming in the store (albeit in a low and respectful pitch). I also got the pretty manga on the bottom right, which I couldn’t read the synopsis for (damn the closed-book system in this country) but bought because pretty art. It looks better now that I’ve opened it at home!

We went to an arcade afterwards because what else completes one of our experiences out. Steph kept trying for this Kirby but the setup was rigged and she couldn’t do it. Alas, we come back to it after 5 minutes and someone else has won. And ya know, while we were gone Lizzie had picked up this cute little guy and the damn machine dropped it – I mean there was no way for this to fall to the collection slot after you hooked it. Cursed claw machines! I mean we all know they’re rigged but oh, it is so depressing to live and watch! Then there was this cute couple trying to win Kirby, the same one Steph had been after. The store guy was cute and came over after they’d sunk probably ¥1500, fixing the Kirby after each play so he was right side up, then eventually putting him right on the edge of the drop-slot because it was too hard to win it otherwise. So they did it, eventually! It was probably really creepy for them since we were basically fangirling behind them, expressing our cheer and sadness at their ~10 minute struggle. When they won the guy in the couple looked at us and said “it’s like we all won Kirby” and indeed sir, it was.


We didn’t know what to do for dinner, so we followed Yelp! to an Italian restaurant that ended up being booked. Cue the walking to a fully reserved bistro that had cheese fondue (rats) until . . . a yakiniku place! Lizzie treated us and oh hot dang it was so good! You da best Lizzie! It’s basically 1 price/person, order as much as you want without being greedy and just go crazy for ~2 hours. We had all the pork, chicken, beef, corn, salad and some other stuff that we could possibly eat. It was so fun, great pacing of cooking and conversation, really challenged our grilling skills (Lizzie and I both suck, but we’re not level 0 – wahoo!) and felt so comfy and cozy. I highly recommend this, either if you get the chance in Japan or as something to try at home with friends! Prep a bunch of your favorite meats and/or veggies in super thin strips and chunks, figure out a grill/hot cooker set up and get going. Super blast!

Alas, I got home just after 11 and was wiped, yet here I am finishing this post at an ungodly hour. Here are most of my goodies from the day (there were more)! The buttons were all just ¥200 each outside of the Animate store, and I would’ve gotten more if they hadn’t sold out (gosh dang it give us more merch. I don’t care if the show just ended last week). My magazine had a clear file folder and card size file inside, plus the magazine itself has cute character profiles and exclusive art. I’m so pleased because I really had no clue what I was buying, but it was totally worth it! Also Steph gave me the cutest Viktor-in-a-Makkachin-suit keychain and I’m dead over it. Not pictured are more swag keychains, which were all in a dollar bin as overstock. Now my pops taught me right, and I’ll be damned if they think the lame and in-love Liz ain’t gonna sit on the floor to sort through 12 bins of the most unorganized crap I’ve ever seen in my life. Because I did, and I found some swank stuff for MagiFree!NoragamiAo no Exorcist and Shingeki no Kyojin. 7 things for ¥700, and if you know merch you know this girl done scooored!

Alright friends, well it’s about 1:30, Miao-chan has decided to show off her pretty sharp fangs on my poor arms and I’m about to pass out. I had a great day and I hope I gave you a fun read with this post 😉 Oyasuminasai!

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  1. kwenzqoatl says:

    That’s cool. 😀


    1. lizhatesfizz says:

      Thanks, it was a bombin’ time 😀


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