Happy Haori Holidays!!!

For those who celebrate Christmas, do you remember the childhood wonder of the day? Waking up at an ungodly hour and running to your guardian(s), begging them to haul ass out of bed and running to a pile of presents? Not today my friends. My adult self hit the hay when mini-me would’ve been waking up and actually rose at the ungodly hour of maybe 11? Perhaps later. Anyways I lazily made my way upstairs to see that they’d found my present & card for them, which lemme tell you, I was pretty pleased with. Not the presents themselves – those felt underwhelming – but my delivery method. The window is a sill that juts out, and is currently housing our little christmas tree. They pull a curtain over the area at night, so I sneakily placed my things for them under the tree, yay for their potentially first under-the-tree experience! I didn’t see their reaction, of course, but when I came upstairs they were adorable about it and okaa-san even read my cat book/card out loud page-by-page. Three times. Scooooore Liz!

They had to go outdo me, of course, with my own presents. Featuring a beautiful monkeys-in-an-onsen card, hashioki (chopstick rests) to match the 8 pairs of chopsticks I recently acquired, gorgeous amethyst earrings, a cat broach from Miao-chan and Myu-chan (bless okaa-san), Kyoto-themed snack paper and little nice smelly sachets for bags and such. Oh my god I do not deserve these people, I am so freaking blessed. I also got to open my presents from Aunt Cindy and the fam today, which had some great books, Vermont-y things and even fancy Road Crew Crunch, which I haven’t had before but can’t wait to break into. Thanks for thoughts/tastes from home guys!

After about a 1.5 hour brunch, in which they absolutely overloaded me on food, I slowly waddled over to Kitano Tenmangu shrine for the last flea market of the year (in area, at least)! I was on a mission for a blue haori to oppose the red one I’d bought recently, and while I didn’t come away with something blue I did end up walking away with a haori. 4 of them, to be specific, in addition to a yukata and an undercoat for it. Hell if I know how I’m getting everything home, but it was a ¥1000 deal for all you could stuff into a plastic bag, so I went with it. Oh dear god, I am so screwed for packing. But they’re so lovely, I’m so excited! Also got a beautiful ammonite pattern stamp I’d lusted after at Toji 2 months ago and magically stumbled upon today. Cap it off with burning my tongue on some cheap takoyaki, as per usual when I enjoy those things, and I’d call it a great day.


We had fried chicken for dinner liked I’d always read (dreamed) about in Japanese class and it was good! Not KFC, which is what I’d been told, but really good. Cue some good ol’ ice skating finals from the Zen Nippon competition and it was a fantastic day.


After dinner okaa-san passed out to ice skating like a blanket burrito. These guys are too cute for me to handle. Well that’s all for my day; not particularly Christmas-y (especially to go out shopping at a flea market) but full of (host)-family, gifts and Christmas decorations around town. Thanks for a fun one, Japan, and Merry Christmas/happy holidays everyone!!!


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  1. Anthony says:

    Sounds like an awesome Christmas. Merry Christmas.


    1. lizhatesfizz says:

      🌲Thanks, Merry Christmas to you as well! 🌲

      Liked by 1 person

  2. galinvermont says:

    That road Crew Crunch is made by a couple that I know! It’s so good and so bad too!!!


    1. lizhatesfizz says:

      Wow, somehow I’d not surprised! Good to know I’m in for a treat 😉


  3. Patricia nagy says:

    Hi Elizabeth glad you had a wonderful Xmas different then in the states but one you’ll always remember you’re so lucky to be with your host family your father is even having a great Xmas this year but he’s missing you love grandma


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