Christmas Eve On Ice

Not really – it still hasn’t hit below freezing in Kyoto, much to my dismay (sigh). However, what has hit is Yuri On Ice in stores!!! I know, it seems like I’m obsessed, and it’s because I am. It’s just such a sweet, wholesome inspiring show about finding yourself and passion and all types of love and good god it is so many types of wonderful representation -you should really go check it out-. Anyways, I’m getting a little ahead of myself.

Today I woke up and 2 things struck me: the first, that it was Christmas eve even though it doesn’t feel like it. The second, that I still had no gifts for okaa-san and otou-san. Shizz biscuits. Alas, never have I wanted to go shopping less in my life. As my pockets get emptier, I wear out on shopping and am faced with hoards of people as I search for literally no idea what, this was a trip indeed. I ended up okay, and I’ll tell you what I got them tomorrow. But besides that, I saw  v this v  while shopping. Oh yes.

So there’s finally some Yuri On Ice merch out, and it’s not a lot but there were cardboard stands of the characters (Yuuri, Viktor and Yuri respectively) and I was so excited! I literally squeed, felt like a dumb fangirl, then said screw it because this show has touched me a lot and if I want to take simultaneously embarrassing-yet-shameless selfies with the cutouts in a crowded store then hot damn I will. These aren’t even all of them, but since this isn’t just for me I won’t subject y’all to the full extent of my glee.

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I also ended up buying one of those mystery bags that ended up having a pin of Yuri in it. Huzzah! Anyways, that took maybe 2 hours as whole – the gift and Liz shopping – and I came home wiped from it. I also came home to presents! Well, they actually came this morning, so that’s a lie, but the post flows better if I mention it here. Thanks Aunt Cindy/Uncle Dennis/Kayleigh/Thomas for making it feel like Christmas in Japan! I haven’t opened them yet but I know I’ll love whatever it is, so a big shoutout to you guys for being so sweet!

Thats about all for the day, besides okaa-san subjecting us to some card games at the end of the night. ‘Til about 11:30. Which would be fine, ya know, if not for the fact that the last game we played was the one I don’t understand and therefore hate! She also kept winning at it, which is why I think we played about 4-5 rounds. Ahhhhh, it was quite a day. Anyways, merry Christmas eve or happy holidays to all of y’all reading. Have a good one!

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  1. Patricia nagy says:

    Merry christmas Elizabeth or (merri kurisumasue) I looked it up on google hope you have a great Xmas love grandma


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