Trying My Hand At Tea Ceremony

As a fan of matcha and tea things, tea ceremony comes up often enough at the house. Okaa-san has been telling me about her tea ceremony sensei and her own skizzles for quite a while, but nothing had come of it until today. On this fine Thursday her sensei happened to be free, with one woman in training to become certified, so the two of us booked it over to Chushojima, which is well-known for sake factories and where her sensei lives. Behold the tea room!

Everyone (the sensei and training lady) were so sweet and fancy, and we ended up running through 3 practices total. The first and last runs were for common and fancy guests respectively, and were really interesting to watch. This woman had her stuff down except for a few mis-steps and I was super impressed. Really a pleasure to be able to partake! In the middle of her 2 runs sensei asked me if I wanted to take a shot at it, so I did. Oh man, it was so involved and while there’s no way I could either remember it all or, more importantly, sit like that for long enough. I only had to take 1 break (pretty impressive, I know), but still. Not doing a full run sitting straight through. I think I did just okay, but they were all super impressed and it was like a meteor-shower of compliments. I’m inclined not to believe them but okaa-san kept pushing it even once home, so I’ll glow with pride at this one 😉

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The area around tea sensei’s house was pretty. That’s all for these pictures.

Visiting sake shops/museums/a random kappa exhibit? I’m always down. As I said before, the area is known for sake production. This means that there are some free, open-entry exhibits on the sake making process, its history and for one company, the whole mythology on kappa in Japan. Digging it! I ended up leaving with 2 small bottles of sake and these wooden boxes for serving sake that I’ve lusted after since seeing and missing them in Hawai‘i. It was rainy at the end, but a pretty fun and random day.

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