Crushing It At Karaoke

Today was the Toji flea market! I’ve only gotten to go once, since it normally clashed with my classes, and the time I did go it was drizzly and everyone packed up early. Not this time. I made it over easy-peasy and while I probably didn’t manage to see everything because once you get in it’s a maze of disorganized booths scattered about, I feel like I managed to get it all in. Delicious and cheap takoyaki? Check. Pretty pottery? Check. A gorgeous red haori? Check. Plus a lot of general bumbling around and taking in all the beautiful sights of these things. Below are some bombin’ cat figures and pretty pottery I found.

As I crossed out of the temple itself the booths continued stretching down the paths until they hit the street, which meant more bustling activity and a whole lot of stuff to admire. Such as this bird, which was not for sale but was perched intriguingly in the stream below.


After I came back it was time for a classic pass-out-on-the-table moment (ha, try hour or so) before we went to the real Japanese Shirokiya (which I went to in Hawai‘i), aka Izakaya. Jesus save us there was so much food. I mean we got a fried mixed platter, a tempura mixed platter, maguro and avocado salad, tako tempurasashimi plate for 3, Korean okonomiyakitamagoyaki, and some more stuff that I’m definitely forgetting. Plus matcha parfaits at the end, you know, for a fully balanced meal. Oh my god, I was beyond ready to burst it was so much. We also had mango chuhai‘s, which is some sort of alcoholic yum, and I tried momozake (peach sake) that was pretty dang tasty.

Also just want to note that I have the cutest host family hands-down. I asked them for a picture of each other and their immediate reaction? Lean away from each other and look mock-disgusted. God I couldn’t get better if I tried.They also did my peace sign request and were generally delighted.

Last but not least was the night’s big event, karaoke. *sorry all, this part’s still in progress*


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