Bye-Bye Eikaiwa!

How late can I wake up before my host family looses respect for me? Let’s find out. 11, 12, 1 . . . yup, still not there. Today was a 1 o’clock debut for me showing up in the kitchen, where okaa-san left me my first bento *squee*. It’s okay, otou-san has a cold so I beat him out by a few hours. Still a reasonable person as far as he knows!As for the bento, I’d mentioned it in passing; one of my friends studying in Nagoya always made bento for herself after her okaa-san taught her how to and made her some. I guess that sparked okaa-san to make me one, so I had this waiting for me at the table! Also Miao-chan making herself comfy with okaa-san’s breakfast 😉

The rest of the day was spent with me organizing blog things, still fawning over Yuri on Ice and some other miscellaneous things. Then it was time for the final eikawa lesson of the year, which was so sad – especially considering that I missed the last 2 due to some unfortunately much-needed naptime (screw you finals). I made it to this one though, where we had chocolate-covered yuzu peel, milk tea and stollen. Aw yeah! Everyone was cute and traded around so I got the piece with the least raisins, seeing how I’d just mentioned trying stollen at okaa-san’s and being turned off by them. Here are the festivities, featuring Saki-san and Azusa-san, followed by Cathy the lovely JET sensei, and all of us gathered with modern Christmas music playing while Santa hat cats decorated the ceiling. Awww yeah.

After that we ended up talking about the following:

  • Cathy and I think Japanese babies are wayyyy cuter, while everyone else was fighting on behalf of white babies. Ehhh, we’re weird and lumpy and gross. Take pride in your young’uns.
  • everyone here is modest about their cute-ness as a kid. read: okaa-san kept saying how ugly she, her son and otou-san all were as babies (seriously, she wouldn’t let down on it) saying they were an ugly family. such lies!!!!
  • everyone here’s inability to deal with the not-cold that is the current weather, aka ~6-12 degrees C
  • difference between onsen (on natural hot springs) vs sento (public baths w/o a natural water source) and figuring out what Cathy & I have been to
  • our fondness (or lack of) for stollen

Also, Azusa-san stopped after class to pull out something from her back. Bless her sweet soul she bought me a tenugui, and a very classy one with purple stripes and a little embroidery of Ginkaku-ji. I was so touched, she said she really enjoyed meeting me and talking to me in class and I had to hug her, ahhh! I really will miss this adorable group 🙂

Less exciting but still noteworthy is dessert tonight. They have their own special cheesecake, rare cheesecake, which has magical jelly stuff on top. I kept trying to peel it off (since there’s a bigger plastic wrapper that goes around the whole slice) but alas, I just ended up looking like an ass. It was very good though!

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  1. tokyo5 says:

    >As for the bento, I’d mentioned it in passing…I guess that sparked okaa-san to make me onereally

    In Japan, people don’t normally say such things as “small conversation”, so it’s seen as an appeal if someone does.
    I wrote a bit about it:


    1. lizhatesfizz says:

      Wow, thanks for the tip and the link! This clarifies a lot of things I’d never be able to pick out as social etiquette vs what I assumed to be a personal quirk. Great post 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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