Baked & Bewildered: A Brownie Tale

still in-progress

Do you like baking? Is making cookies and brownies something you enjoy doing in your downtime? Japan is not for you! Hmm, that’s a lie – Japan will be hard for you may be more appropriate. After going out to lunch with Lizzie we came back to my house for some cheesy 80’s music, video sharing and brownie making. Except for the part where we lost the translation of measurements between the imperial vs metric system, and our inability to read/use the oven, which doubles as a microwave. Jesus, literally figuring it all out took otou-san (bless his sweet soul) weighing out butter on a literal scale, reading the user manual for the oven and some other necessary helpful things. Opening vanilla essence in this country? Be prepared for confusion and anger at the cap design. Ovens? Good luck. I mean in the end they turned out really good and all was fine, but I’d worry about doing this solo. And since I love baking and am considering moving to Japan in the future, a good combo is not what this is. Alas, more fun things happened today so I’ll move to those.

Post-baking adventure, we sat down to a marvelous spread of tonkatsu, french fries, clam chowder and salad. We ended up seeing a Japanese Hillary Clinton impersonator on Q-Sama, trying out catnip (tip: it’s not that good) and generally trying to win over Miao-chan while she played hard-to-get. Little shit. Also take a look at these delicious oatmeal cookies Lizzie made for us (thanks Lizzie!), super yummy and homey!


Alas, as it came to 10ish our day had to end since trains don’t run forever. Okaa-san was adorable in walking us to the door with Miao-chan in arms, waving her paw “bye bye!” as we left, me walking Lizzie to the bus stop. She even invited Lizzie to come over and see Miao-chan after I leave, so long as she hits okaa-san between her busy time in New Zealand the Peru/Bolivia/who knows where else! I’m going to miss this so much.

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