Turn Down For Takoyaki, Friendship and Those Anime Feels

Kaitenzushi at 11 in the morning. Maybe 11:30. A simple request, no? Not for this asshat here. Oh man, this was my plan with Steph for the morning but I went to bed with a dead ipod and couldn’t set the alarm. It was relatively early, so I figured I’d get up before then no problem, do the breakfast thing and be merrily on my way. Except for the part where I woke up at frickin’ 11:10 and had to rush out the house like an awkward ostrich. Bless Steph’s kind waiting heart, since I found her at 11:45 and she was more than chill with it. God I have such great friends. After that ridiculous misstep on my behalf we wound up at Kappa-Sushi, where legit everything is ¥108 and I got 12 plates of sushi for less than $13. Praise this country. Oh man, everything was so good and me and Steph-san got some serious bonding in between that, the magic of the hyaku-en shop and the bus ride home.

Once home Chiro-chan loved the hell out of Steph, we’re talked full on joy-jumping and kisses. It was very adorable and Steph-san said she even enjoyed it! Then we started this ice skating anime that came out in October, but we’d both independently decided to watch it after semester ended, so we got on it today. It’s called Yuri On Ice and sweet jesus if this isn’t one of the most beautiful, healthy, well-animated, fun, *insert other glorious adjectives here* shows that I’ve ever seen. Ahhh, it’s so good and you should go watch it if sports and getting back on your feet and blooming confidence and a whole other slew of great things are your jam! We ended up getting through 6 of the 11 currently released episodes, and I’m finishing the series tonight 😀

Dinner was a takoyaki party filled with a cheese round (mhmmm, melty cheese) and a mixed weiner/tako round. Me and Steph solo-ate our way through 2 batches together before calling it quits, but we completely made them ourselves and it was so fun!! Steph is way better than me at pouring the batter, and I flailed and flopped at most of the making part, but I did really enjoy myself. And since they turned out delicious I feel fine saying that my idiocy in it didn’t matter.

Here are shots our finished product, plus the yummy roll cake we had for dessert.

Man, it was great seeing Steph today. Fun food party, heart-to-hearts, a great new show to brand itself onto my heart – couldn’t have asked for a better Friday. Thanks for reading, and oyasuminasai!!!

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  1. Patricia nagy says:

    Hi Elizabeth food food food how did you eat 12 plates of sushi hope they were small plates glade you have a good friend love grandma


  2. Sounds like a great day with your friend! Also, I adore Yuri!! On Ice. It’s so sweet.


    1. lizhatesfizz says:

      Thanks, it was an absolute blast. And isn’t it so great?! Gosh I could gush about it for days ❤


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