The Dog Days Are Just Starting

I haven’t just stayed home for the day in a long while, and it was oh so nice. Fun phone calls home, lazy blog things and relaxing with the animals is always grand. For breakfast I finally tried the peach-rose jam I bought from the tezukuri market and it was absolutely delicious. Thank god, because it was hella expensive and I would’ve been quite a rage ball had it been bad. It’s the little things.

Dinner was a fun make-your-own okonomiyaki night and I won’t lie, this one was a bit less impressive than my first attempt. I accidentally dumped all of the batter on the griddle and while I managed to fix it, otou-san was the true savior. Whoops. During dinner was a hilarious dog program that featured weird dogs, such as the little guy below. Despite a terrifying first glance, he actually loved being pulled along like this if the multiple close-ups of him smiling and wiggling around with his tongue out were any indication. What a strange little lump. After that was a hilarious program full of ‘what happens when no one’s home’ clips, in which all the dogs recorded managed to squeeze through whatever barrier had been put up in the house to wreak absolute havoc on the trash, couches, beds and more. Makes me appreciate the fact that Zoey, at worst, is a caffeine addict.



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  1. Patricia nagy says:

    Hi Elizabeth do remember what Dakota would do in the house when left alone? That was one weird looking pancake love grandma


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