A Semi-Final Farewell

AKP is officially over – at least, it is for the fall-only students. Those on full-year program also start break tomorrow, so either way there’s a sense of closure that struck us all today. That plus the final farewell gathering, those really tend to do the job. There was the fun struggle of all of us standing and saying what we learned/liked about the program, all the senseis trying not to cry (and mostly succeeding – god does that have to be sad every semester) and a bunch of food. God did I take so many little cakes they provided. It was a bit fuzzy for me, in the sense that it was a goodbye to the program but not Kyoto, seeing as I’m staying here ’til after New Years. So I was sad, and I’ll definitely miss some of the awesome people I met this semester, but not my teary wreck of a human; that’ll come when I have to say goodbye to Kyoto and okaa-san for real.

Afterwards was a turning in of all our stuff, mainly the Doshisha ID and member card, the latter of which gets you access to the cheap school conbini and I mean, hot damn, it’s not like I could do anything with it in America but why y’all gotta take that? My butt is still here and cheap, I don’t think it’d kill them if I could go to the conbini. And the school ID? NOAA made me do the same thing this summer and I think it’s ridiculous. My lame butt wants the cool ID, you have a system where you could simply deactivate the damn card and it’d be useless for me to try and sneak anywhere with it – what’s the problem people? Okay, ranting is over, promise.

Fun and super off-topic thing is that Japan has picked their ‘Kanji of the Year’. 2016 is 金 (kin), or gold, picked because of Japan’s great feat in scoring medals at Rio de Janeiro this year. According to okaa-san it’s also the color of PPAP master Piko Taro’s outfit, so I’m just saying there may be layered meanings here 😉

I basically just passed out today when I got home, so nothing too exciting to report on. What I did find that was fun is this fabulous video of 2 koalas fighting – that is to say, 1 is a territorial asshole and the sad little guy who gets kicked out sits there crying about it. It’s an ~2 minute video and I’m linking it so if you love koalas, need a laugh or have any other motivation please, I swear it’s worth the time, just watch it.

Last but not least, today I got a message from home that my cousins have some good news. My fabulous younger cousin has been accepted into a fancy-pants high school (not naming for anti-creeper reasons) that would be a great opportunity, and the other, in his college quest, has been accepted to Columbia! I am so dang proud of these guys!! Really, I told everyone around me who would listen that my cousins are cool cats going to cool places (spoiler alert – I think everyone probably just wanted me to shut up, but too bad for them). Seeing the news made my day, and I’m so excited to call them tomorrow and congratulate them semi-in-person. Keep on kicking butt you two, cause the opportunities are out there and y’all more than deserve them!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Patricia nagy says:

    Hi Elizabeth why didn’t you take a picture of your id’s and then you would have a memory Jerome and Maria did well they sent Jerome his acceptance in a video it was cool and I told Maria they must have been desperate but I’m proud of them both love grandma


    1. lizhatesfizz says:

      Don’t worry grandma, I took pictures, as I always do 🙂 And I’m glad you’re proud of them too, although I think that’s a bit harsh on Maria!


  2. Maria says:

    Thank you Elizabeth!
    Love Maria and Jerome


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