The Surprised Donkey

I am free, free at last – from written exams! Tomorrow is my oral final and then sweet lazy nothing-ness awaits me. Oh how I dream of the not-far off day. Anyways, after a long 3 hours, yeah 3 whole hours, I was let out. With the gift of koala crackers 🙂 After chilling for a while in the cafe with Lizzie and Steph, we all headed out to this funky-looking building called ‘Bikkuri Donkey’, or ‘The Surprised Donkey’. It’s a cool hamburger joint I’ve always eyed for the building design alone, but okaa-san also recommended it as a place she’s always brought her various foreign friends to. They’ve apparently always loved it, and we found out we do too. Great meat, good prices and a crazy kind of American-nostalgic-meets-Texas-Roadhouse style? They had washboard and bucket lamps, I mean this place was great.

We all just bummed around afterwards, where Steph introduced us the the Poke Center inside of an expensive department store. What up? Once I got home it was more chilling out until dinnertime, where Miao-chan decided she wanted in on the goods. Always too cute. I also had the pig from Chinatown, a pork-filled pork bun (ahaha, get it?) that was pretty tasty. That’s it, a pretty relaxed day but a nice one.

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  1. Patricia nagy says:

    Hi Elizabeth we’ll congratulations one semester down one more to go and that food looked good that pork filled bun looks a little weird love grandma


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