Today I Ate A Panda

A panda dumpling, that is. With anko inside, from Chinatown a few days ago. Don’t worry, no one’s murdering anything wild over here (or at least, not that I’m aware of). Today’s big ordeal was my laundry, which despite me thinking it’s only been 2 weeks, has been more like 3 and now my heavy clothes are in there. Jesus I think okaa-san had a heart attack when my 2 loads were all done and hanging outside.

“Liz, that’s so much laundry! Uwahhh!” *cue her ‘I have comments but I’ll be respectful and not
say anything’ face. note, this did not keep her from making very specific facial expressions*

Why yes okaa-san, yes it is. I really messed up on the day counting and assumption of how much crap I have. Whoops! See, the fun thing is that the only reason I even did laundry is because I’m out of socks – still have enough of everything else to scrap by, but these things were the deal breaker. Lucky me.

By the way, here’s the panda I ate 🙂

Sorry, that was a bit more Liz-only funny. (I’m not really sorry, but I’ll say it because I’m cultured.) An actually exciting part of my day was that okaa-san made zenzai, the azuki and mochi soup with a butt-ton of sugar. I’ve had it once before in Uji, but this was homemade stuff, slightly burnt straight off the stove. Yum! It was honestly really good, even though there’s a challenging part; once you’re down below the water level, it’s a freakin’ guessing game of ‘are there any beans left in there? ah, I hear one! now how the hell do I get it?!’. Very deliciously infuriating!

Beyond that I’ve just been studying for my last (written) Japanese test of this semester, year and program. Woah, say what now? Yeah, my time in Japan may still have some weeks left but not time with my program, sadly. Luckily Miao-chan here has been cheering me up and helping me study, curled up as a little nyanmonite next to me. Very helpful.


Oh, and one last thing. There was this weird as heck show on before that skipped between 3 things: a mole digging through the earth, slimy kombu seaweed getting squished to hell, and an earthworm eating & pooping its way through the earth. I couldn’t follow it at all. I was watching it, and hearing it and understood each little segment as a standalone, but together? Someone had to be on crack to make it, no? Ok, I still don’t fully get why both the worm -and- the mole were in there, but eventually when you squeeze the crap out of kombu to get its slimy goodness, you can dump that over soil. From there, if you mix it for six hours (no thanks) like a mole, just sweeping arm motions but also some digging type of motions, it makes great, crumbly soil that absorbs water really well and seems like some sweet stuff. So basically seaweed fertilizer + a mole mixing your earth makes for some prime soil. As I said, still not sure about the earthworm but . . . at least I got some of it. Anyways, that kind-of made, kind-of disturbed my day.

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  1. Patricia nagy says:

    Hi Elizabeth glad you didn’t eat a real panda you must have a lot of cloths no wonder okaa-San almost had a heart attack good thing you don’t live with me love grandma


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