Me & Miao-chan & Mango Pudding

I was exhausted before I even woke up today. From the sleepless nights leading up to my last classes to the non-sleep for my busy Friday, I was wiped. Add that to the papers and studying I had to work on today and call me well-done, fork in me and all. Luckily Miao-chan was my de-stressing, distracting fluff buddy who glowed in her little bed that was positioned for maximum sunlight. Oh she is just so cute!


Today I finally killed the chicken ramen I made with Lizzie a month ago, just on time for its supposed 1-month expiration date. It was a bit of a fiasco, since I couldn’t read instructions, okaa-san added either too much or not enough water (still not sure which) and my egg on top? Don’t even ask. It ended up okay though, thank god. Okaa-san was so cute and asked if I wanted to save the package, because I’d made it and all. “Liz, you’re not going to take this back to the states with you? It’s a memory!”. I mean, yeah, but it’s also trash and I’m already a hoarder so . . . I’ll keep its picture instead. She was pleased with that.


Tonight we had oden for dinner, which you can read about here. It had chicken and tako and imo and fish cakes and some other goodness, minus the burdock that snuck its way in, was really good. We also had sake that was super good. Apparently I asked for it this morning (??) so okaa-san bought some, but I don’t think that’s what went down. What I do recall, vaguely, is okaa-san talking a lot as I stared at my work crying inside, and when she asked something and paused for confirmation I said yes, because I’m happy to try anything here. She kept going on and then I processed that she maybe said sake, but also maybe it was something else so I just left it. That’s my best guess. Regardless, it was some good sake and although I forget the reading of it there’s the picture below. It’s apparently from Hiroshima (the brand, not this specific bottle) and pretty quality (read: expensive) stuff.

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