Wrong Stop Wall Art

How many baby chocolate bars does it take to make a mega chocolate bar? A good question; let’s find out. One, two . . . nine. Nine of these babies make up the $10 mega-bar sitting front and center in the school conbini. Which, based on the prices of all the baby bars and assuming the big one is a single large hunk of chocolate, would probably be the better buy. Anyways, that was probably the highlight of my day at Doshisha, just this massive candy bar lined up and down a display. Why Japan? I admire its existence but not it’s price, and so again I ask . . . why?

I had no afternoon class today, so I decided to head home early. Only I was impatient and caught a bus such that I’d have to hop off and jump onto another bus to get home via transport. As I stood there thinking on it, however, I decided I’d go downtown to buy some socks, before changing my mind and wanting to just get home. So of course, I did this as just before we left my appropriate going-home stop, meaning I watched the doors hover open for a moment before they shut. ‘Well that’s unfortunate’ is what my mind said. When I got off at the next stop and went to connect, I headed down the sidewalk and unintentionally away from the nearest bus stop, meaning I killed a lot of time walking. It did, however, allow me to see this cool mural of a rooster tucked into some shop that’s a bit set-back and roofed so you can’t just see this from the street – or at least, not on the bus. Then I finally made it home in 3x the time I would’ve taken had I just waited but alas, that’s not how I roll.


Once I got home it was a lot of work and admiring the animals (Miao-chan!!) so not much about to day, but I can’t be exciting everyday. Well, ’til tomorrow then!

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  1. Patricia nagy says:

    Hi Elizabeth liked the colors of the rooster but why is it upside down? Too much chocolate to eat save your self love grandma


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