Mad About Matcha, Money and The Counting System I’ll Never Get

I don’t usually get crazy concerned over things, but I’d be lying if I said visa stuff wasn’t ridiculously stressful and suck-y. Bless the AKP staff for being so sweet to my worried butt. Phone calls to clinics, a cheerleading team, man these guys are the best. I also walked into the office to find that okaa-san had called the office worried about my visa, asking them to help me . . . adorable and embarrassing. I feel so scripted sometimes, it’s frighteningly hilarious.

Pit stop to Kyoto Station today, enjoy the photo of Kyoto Tower! I had to take the hour round trip to find the currency exchange place while the dollar is strong and my butt is broke. Yeah, this was a long ride but quick and easy. Plus it was nice to see the tower, as well as the other lights they’ve put up around the station. I’d say that City Hall and the snazzy hotel across from it currently take the gold for best lights thus far, but there’s still time.


I came home to eventually get started on homework while okaa-san and otou-san watched tv in the background. We got to talking about baseball players and their salaries, as well as the huge wage disparity between those who play out of country (i.e. from Japan to America). This led to talk of what the common players salary is in each country, and eventually numbers. Oh god do I hate doing numbers in Japanese. It got to the point where I was in tears laughing while okaa-san bemusedly and said “Liz, I’m an accountant. Trust me, I know this stuff”. While I might’ve felt like a dunce cap to the hundredth power, both she and otou-san were gladly entertained – glad to provide my services.

Okaa-san came home with Uji dessert from Sanjo, all of which looked delicious. After a tempura don dinner it was dessert time, a very tough decision out of 3 delicious options. They were no help either; whenever I said ‘go ahead’ or ‘help me’ you know what happened? Nothing. Trust yourself man. Okay, back to the desserts! I ended up picking the dark green one, warabi mochi, which is soft but firm and soooo tasy. The light green had mango and azuki atop it, how good-lookin’.

Besides my activity in mental math (from hell), it was a pretty quiet night. Here’s a flashback pick to Miao-chan and the post 🙂


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