Myuu-chan Has A Message

A blessed lazy day amidst the test-filled, crazy downtown wanderings of the rest of the week. Praise. I woke up in time for brunch, so I made fun toast and had matcha curry, something we’d gotten from Uji a few weeks ago. Man it was so good, it had the lovely earthy hint of matcha at the end of each bite and is something I’d recommend trying if you have a chance! After that okaa-san mentioned that Shimogamo was having the tezukuri again with different vendors, so our plans for the day were set.

Trip 2 to the market was a mix of old and new vendors, and we left with a few purchases each. There was this peach and rose jam that, despite being hella expensive, sounded lovely and is now mine. So excited to try it tomorrow morning. There were also a bunch of great pottery stands, more food trucks (including a taco place, something I always bemoan Japan for not having) and a really good pianist singing in the middle of the shop strip. I also spotted some more pottery I got (pictured down more), which was actually from the same guy as I found that first time at Chion-ji’s tezukuri! I’d gotten a fish bowl from him the first time.

Okaa-san also got me this mochi-strawberry from the market, which I was pretty excited about. Only to bite into it to find that there was also shiro-an, or white anko, which made it 50 times better?! I need to try making this!!


Here are the beautiful buys. The left is an adorable monkey cup, which I’ve suddenly come to love as a general animal just before coming to Japan. On the left is a turtle that, when flipped, becomes a lovely bowl. He also has a great glaze inside, so he’s a great multi-purpose friend. No regrets here.

Since then I’ve been sitting at the table doing work. My cat friends have since joined me, and Myuu-chan even took it upon herself to help me fix up the posts from yesterday and the day before, since they’re still in progress (sorry!). Less fun was when Myuu-chan decided to become a climbing fiend and stepped on the heater, turning it on, before jumping onto the phone and doing god knows what. All I know is that loud beeps started up, I freaked out since I can’t read the dang machine and, after pressing random buttons to no avail, anxiously awaited otou-san’s return to be sure that she hadn’t pressed anything wild. Use your nyan’s (meows) next time, Myuu-chan.

We’re about to eat tempura good-ness now, but that should be it for the night. In the meantime I am updating the other posts and will be done soon. Fun side note, Guardians of the Galaxy has a sequel coming in the foreseeable future enough that there’s a trailer out!! I love that movie, partially because it freaking rocks and partially since I love watching it with my dad (bonding like bros), so seeing that made my day. Thanks for the update on that Franco 🙂

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