Yakiniku For Two

This is the first time I came home to a completely empty house in all the time I’ve been here. Okaa-san is normally out with Chiro-chan or at work, but otou-san is always napping or watching movies upstairs. Alas, everyone’s slippers were lined up by the door, a rare sight since it’s never happened before. I went upstairs to do homework and was there for at least 30 minutes before otou-san came back from his walk with Chiro-chan. It wasn’t groundbreaking, I didn’t go wild and it’s not something I’ve been waiting for; just strange. The realization hit that unlike my house or even dorm, I’m literally always home with someone else there even if we’re not in the same space or anything. An interesting fact when you’re so accustomed to having the place, wherever that may be, to yourself at least once a day. Again, not good or bad, just . . . there as a thought.

Myuu-chan came out to play today. She kissed my hand, which is a first for any type of contact initiated by her and I loved it. A bit of toy waggling, a lot of table climbing – it was very cute. She bolted back upstairs when otou-san came back because it meant Chiro-chan was there to try and terrorize her, but I’d say we made progress.


Okaa-san was out with her friend from Tokyo for the day, so it was yakiniku for 2 with otou-san. I wasn’t quite sure what that entailed (yeah, the word translates to grilled meat, but with what?) but it ended up being like a little tabletop cookout. Just a bunch of veggies and beef getting their butts fried as we ate it steaming hot. Good stuff.

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