A Rainy Day And A Sad Lack of Productivity

It’s been since the early morning here, a fact I noted every time I tried and failed to wake up between 6-11 am. Even once I got up it kept on, softly pattering on the roof and providing a nice, soft grey atmosphere for the day. A bit unfortunate for exploring the city, but fret not, my lazy and homework-overloaded butt had no interest in that. Instead I hunched over my computer for most of the day, typing away at projects, papers and maybe a bit of facebook to not go crazy. All in all not much was done today. My biggest excitement was cuddling with Miao-chan (see below). That’s it. Expect more excitement tomorrow, as it’s Doshisha Eve and assuming it starts early enough, I’ll be enjoying the celebration before going to a final dinner with Steph, Lizzie & her parents!


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