Eggstatic In Eigamura

Kyoto has this rad place called Eigamurawhich means ‘movie town’ and is an attraction park of sorts. It hosts a rotating theme cafe, a lot of ninja stuff and film sets in the Edo-jidai style: think one room houses, a room at an inn, a washing well and a few other key points that are referenced a fair bit in period dramas. They honestly do film there, and while today wasn’t such a day Steph and I did get to explore the place! It wasn’t just the sets though – there was a fair mix of attractions, food goodness and even a cafe with the one and only Gudetama!!! I’ll get to that later though, so starting from the top here was our entrance into the place.

Below are just a few images from the Edo-jidai area. There were a few alleys like this packed with rooms, restaurants, washing areas, basically any place a drama would need. You could walk into at least half the sets and see what they had in there (pretty barebones) and how dang small the rooms were back then. Thanks but I’m a little to big for that type of life. There was also a mini pond they’d use for any boat scenes (likely mini-versions of all that get scaled-up), the one with the sea monster head in it below. Apparently every five minutes that thing bursts up from the water in a haze of a misty fog machine, making quite a few people jump and me very happy.

No specific Gudetama cafe, but he did have his own special items that were featured around the park at different stalls. I went for delicious gudetakoyaki and a gudeparfait, both A+ options despite not knowing how much I was getting and of what exactly. The parfait ended up being a vanilla-mango mess, plus sugar candies, whipped cream and cereal, a surprisingly perfect combo and very filling. I enjoyed these a lot 🙂 You also received a free Gudetama postcard for every special item you buy. You know who’s packing 2 of these babies now!

We went to 3 big things after that: the movie archives, a ninja show and a haunted house. Fun mix, eh? The movie archives featured the well-acclaimed actress Hibari Misora, complete with a mold of her hand (sooo tiny!), a huge list of her filmography, a handful of costumes she wore and videos from a few performances. Either way it was beautiful and amazing. Next, the ninja show that I mostly understood, tossed in with a far bit of character-breaks to ask for an audience member’s opinion on something before moving on. Fun sounds effects, a lot of flippy flippy goodness and a basic enough story for me that I could see myself with it, get a bit of help from the acting and tone of the music itself. As for the haunted house, I laughed at everything as I lead a whimpering Steph through the house. We started out as equals side by side, but that soon enough turned into me plowing through as Steph and my arm became new besties.

After that heart-racing experience (I swear I heard her heart, like jesus bro) we went to make a last see-through of the entrance building, which had a whole Gudetama photo set for cool cats. Enjoy the pictures below, which as you can guess may be weird and confusing, but my attempt to describe it would only make it worse. Alas, browse freely. Also, this was one of the happiest moments of me life 😉

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Power Rangers out the buutttt, dang!! I’ve never seen so many of them in my life, never mind just the red mess of outfits. Very strange, but according to their sign they were still recording through 2010 so I guess it’s still a big enough thing here. Very intriguing.

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  1. Aaah I love Eigamura! I’m a big fan of the ninja house, and the little neighborhoods you can wander through with all the little props and such.


    1. lizhatesfizz says:

      Ah, we missed the ninja house! If I get a chance to go back I’ll be sure to check it out. The props were so cool though, as were the mount-only horses; what an unexpected and cool little studio.


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