Pub Dreams & My Dear Dead Sculptor Friends

Lizzie’s parents are in town so guess who hit up the town! They all plus Steph and I met up after classes to spend the evening together, starting with the Kyoto National Museum and the Egypt exhibit there. They had over 100 artifacts on display from what I believe is their home-base in Cairo. They also had a fancy golden pharoah mask that was the highlight of the exhibit, which was indeed pretty cool. Some notes I took (or tried to – I was yelled at for having a phone out) are as follow:

  • some of the female statues were extremely pale, in a special-kind-of-clay-was-purposefully-used type of way. is is to other them, indicate a household role/sphere vs an outside man’s world?
  • the toes of the statues were all very long. a fair few of them also had a roman toe.
  • the female sculptures all had a definite end of their clothing defined (a raised and defined line above the ankles to show a skirt or dress). none of them, however, had anything sculpted to mark sleeves or a collar. um . . . what were they wearing, my dear dead sculptor friends?
  • a lot of their ears were place awkwardly high. as in, while the tip of my lobes are about equal with the indent above my lip, these guys had lobes barely aligning with the bottom of their eyes. a bit unsettling for a few of them.
  • the sculptures with both adults and children shrunk the children to maybe 1/8 the adult’s size. seriously strange proportioning choices.
  • there was a belt that would barely fit around my neck, if even, that I really hope was for a child.
  • I was admiring the non-crazy proportions of the sculptures (women with solid figures and waists that were believable) until it shifted to carvings and other pieces. just as much illogical non-waist in Egyptian style artwork, at least in what was on display.

Basically a lot of random observations and cool things. A general funfact is that according to one of the signs, the golden glow of sunrise represents the deceased returning from the spirit world, while the hazy amber of sunset is the time for the dead to head over to the next side. Because of the desire to connect with these spirits and the afterlife, golden adornments were a heavy part of the culture.

After dinking around at the museum for more than a bit of time, we popped over to the Ritz Carlton, aka Kyoto Swankville Hotel, to wait for places to open. They leave you mini sewing kits and wooden hairbrushes in the room. Say what now?! After it hit 5 we hit up an Irish pub (all I could think of is how proud my Aunt Cindy would be) and the 3 of us all got shepard’s pie while Lizzie’s parents branched out a bit. There weren’t any carrots, potatoes, peas and whatnot, and the dish was topped with cheese instead of potatoes, So nice try Japan, but not quite. It was still delicious and tasted like heavy, meaty familiar goodness though, so I’ll give my kudos to the chef.

I came home bearing dessert for everyone, as a general thing I wanted to do/also a ‘thanks for being the best host fam ever‘ gift, with cake for okaa-san and otou-san while I had a crème brûlée a la treat yo ‘self time. Super tasty, and they both said (and actually seemed as though) they liked what I picked for them. So cute and happy over it, it made me so happy! On the way home though I heard the Yakimo man, just in front of Demachiyanagi Eki, to come home and find that okaa-san had bought me one of those magical sweet potatoes!

A fun and chill day, finished off with the fact that okaa-san’s son is here for the night because of reasons. Not super social, or maybe he’s just tired and I was distracted while he was in the same room as me, but at least I get a glimpse of their mysterious offspring. The distractions I speak of are Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (in Japanese! which okaa-san promptly switched to english because Harry had a weird voice dub that we both think was a girl) and me looking over okaa-san’s numerous photo albums, this time featuring her travels to Switzerland. Man am I loving life right now!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Cindy says:

    Haha, love it. Glad you enjoyed the Irish pub 🙂


    1. lizhatesfizz says:

      Thanks; I thought you’d like that. Now I just have to find a good Italian place 😉


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