Campus Gettin’ Fresh And So Is My Sashimi

Jolting up at an ungodly hour because today is a big day. Butterflies in your stomach, deep breaths to help you prep. This is how a ridiculous nihongo test day starts out – not pretty folks. My stomach and I weren’t on good terms this morning out of nerves, and so we agreed to disagree. The morning was uneventful after that, or should I say 2 hours after that, which is how long it took for me to finish that madness. Ahh, the joys of undergrad. Fortunately afterwards I got to chatting with the AKP office & Hubbard-sensei about the PPAP cafe and artworks (there’s a new Piko Taro video out, featuring Sesame Street), my being here ’til New Years and beyond. What a beautiful redemption of a Tuesday. Another great thing was this light-up tree, which I’ve seen up during the day but never lit. Feeling very festive now and I won’t lie, I may have just put the finishing touches on my Christmas playlist.

Really didn’t do too much today besides enjoy dinner. Which was about 25 pieces of this lovely raw fish you see below. Mhmmm.


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  1. Anthony says:

    Absolutely love Sashimi.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. lizhatesfizz says:

      It’s something that I’ll never get tired of (I could eat this stuff for days in a row and *gasp* I have); so thankful for kaitenzushi.


  2. Patricia nagy says:

    Hi Elizabeth was that a plate of raw fish? Glade I’m not eating it. Love grandma


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