Taking In The Sights, Not The Sounds

I regularly go to okaa-san’s eigo lesson, and most weeks there’s this lovely doctor man there who has a surprisingly large vocabulary of medical terms in English. Well today on the morning news this isha-san was on tv! I believe he was talking about the dangers of the elderly falling, and expanding on how to decrease their risks of falling both in daily life and during exercise. I couldn’t get most of it, but here’s a picture of him onscreen. I just think it’s cool that I know someone who was on tv here!


This week is the lead-up to the school’s big event ‘Doshisha Eve’, in which the students all gather and put on performances and sell things for clubs, as individuals, whatever they do. Not so clear on it yet, but it sounds fun. The only issue is that this is all set up in or outside of our class building, so for this week and some of next we’ve been banished to another building about 5 minutes away from the main campus. No biggie, but let me gripe about it yeah? Below is what they’ve transformed my building into:


It was a rather warm day out today, be it for fall or for any season. I decided to walk home, which okaa-san always says is an easy 20-30 minutes, and wow it was nice! I was plugged in (to my ipod) for most of the time, so while I wasn’t soaking in the sounds of Kyoto I was definitely taking in the sights and atmosphere. They still haven’t hit their peak leaf season here, which is good because I get it later but also poo-ish because I want my flaming leaves. It’s already snowing back home and I still have green trees? Nonsense! Here’s what some of my walk looked like, it was very relaxing and pretty. I even jumped the turtle stones in Kamogawa, where I saw an egret on the prowl for some fishies.

At home Q-sama was on tonight, which always gives me life. True joys. We also saw this lovely cafe on tv which serves kaki koori with some type of ice creamy goop on top, with sugar atop that that they flame – so basically shave ice crème brûlée style. Take me now, dear lawdy. It’s just in Osaka, so okaa-san and I made plans to go in the near future. Yeah, I have aspirations in life, and that cafe is the top of my list.


Fun fact: ASL was constructed based on French grammar.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Patricia nagy says:

    Hi Elizabeth you are lucky because it’s freezing here I have layers on poppy and I miss florida already it’s snowing up by uncle jack it’s not suppose to be like this until we go back love grandma


  2. Anthony says:

    I like ambitions that include food. I once took the shinkansen from Osaka to Fukuoka just to eat at Ippudo (before they spread out across Japan) because I had seen the Master win on TV Champion (the greatest show on Japanese TV ever…followed by Knight Scoop)


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