Sentaku, Sudoku, Stolen Scarves . . . The Usual

I am a slug monkey. I like sleeping, sudoku and slacking off. Nice to meet ya. I didn’t do much of anything today, just kind of flitted between cuddling Miao-chan, listening to a new song by Milky Chance on repeat, reading fics and lazing about on homework. Yeah, good stuff. Okaa-san had some stuff going on though, such as a reunion with her college buddies, whoo! It wasn’t some random thing though, this was actually a school-organized reunion for her English-speaking club. I think. Anyways she kept frantically going between her room and the living room area (where I sat doing my thing) to ask me about ‘this skirt vs that one, which handbag, is a shawl too much?’ and it was so cute. I also felt inadequate to answer such questions, as I normally need someone helping my ass with those decisions and not the other way around, but so be it. She finally bolted out the door (it was for real the 5th time, promise) to have otou-san chauffer her downtown, where she stayed for most of the day. Very fun.

Oh, and yesterday she went to a bakery seeking out chocolate croissants since I mentioned loving them once, which she remembered and latched onto. So she came back with 2 of them, a regular croissant, karee pan and a fancy cheese bread. All for me. This woman slays folks, absolutely slays. That made up all of my food up until dinner, and dang it was tasty.

The sentaku part of the title? That means laundry, and was another bugger of a task I had to get done. I’m down to 3 shirts, a sweater and some weather-inappropriate shorts, so I had to suck it up and do the cleaning thing. Which is fine except for the fact that it’s a hang-dry system here, and while I have no problem with that I’m just so slow at the whole process that I feel incompetent and like a super-slug. That’s not a good thing. I put on some old tunes though (Ray Charles, Sam Cooke, Sinatra & so on), which fit nicely in the flow of my do-nothing day. As for the ‘stolen scarves’ bit, okaa-san accidentally took someone’s identical black scarf from her reunion and was panicking over it. I guess she’s packed hers in her bag, forgot, then mistakenly grabbed her neighbors or something. Whoops!

Dinner was an interesting combo of shrimp tempura, salad, neapolitan (Japanese ketchup spaghetti dish) and french fries. All very good, especially since I got to bust out my cajun spice to spice up my mayo (ba-dump) and that was some good stuff. Otou-san also asked if I wanted whiskey out of the blue, which I didn’t understand where that came from but okay? It was mixed with water and good stuff. For dessert okaa-san had bought a huge box of mixed baked goods, and the chocolate brownie I picked had orange rinds in it. Pro-tip: another easy way to my heart is any orange/chocolate food combo. I go crazy for that mix. Especially chocolate-dipped orange rinds . . . mhmmm.

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  1. Patricia nagy says:

    Hi Elizabeth what’s with the whiskey your too young stick with anything chocolate love grandma


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