Life Is A Stage (And So Is Doshisha)

I go to a small liberal arts school, maybe 2,400 people tops. It’s a great college, plenty of opportunities and resources around, but we don’t have all the loud and proud events that a big uni does, and when we do they’re pretty well spaced. Even the universities my friends go to that cap at over 20,000 students are plentiful with events, but not daily. Doshisha seems to be a special place then. At a grand total of 30,000 students I suppose it is pretty large, but also a lot more active than I was expecting. In addition to the mass of people, there’s a great fondness for performances on campus. While it hasn’t been every day, and I’ve been away on break for a week, the past 2 weeks that I’ve been at school there has consistently been lunchtime entertainment courtesy of students. There’ve been bands aplenty, cheerleading groups, other singing ladies, comedian schticks and more. Today was an ear-blasting rock rendition right in front of Meitokukan – not very conducive to studying, thank ya very much – and I just keep being amazed at how into it they are. Like, what up Doshisha? Is this cause y’all are tasting personal and club freedom now, or is it just that fun? The ryuugakusee (int’l students) will never know.

When I came home it was pretty low-key. What I mostly recall is plotting to buy a dish set at the tezukuri next month, but there was also some good convo. Okaa-san resumed her usual mockery of/speaking for otou-san (classic), we talked about New Zealand and people’s English accents (she still is not a fan of American accents but I’ll give it to her – we do have harsh r‘s) and more. Pretty low-key sleepy day for me. Oh, and enjoy the cover pic; that’s the garage across from the house and the first/last thing I see on my commute between home and school.

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