Getting Crafty Over The River

Someone got their butt up on time today and it almost wasn’t me. Except I did it and everything was fine this morning – whoo, what a relief. Classes were slow-going, seeing as everyone was a sleepy sloth and not feeling it (or much of anything after break). What did perk me up was the impromptu cheerleading performance by The Sweetiez at lunch, which was prefaced by The Jewels kickin’ it yesterday. Never would’ve guesses the campus is so lively with all these groups and comedians (all students) hanging out around noon. Very impressive.


After lunch was my second trip to Chion-ji Tezukuri, or the handcraft market held on the 15th of each month. I didn’t blow my wallet (I was prepared to, trust me), but I did find plenty of things to fall in love with there. Reversible tea cozies with mushroom and dandelion patterns, pastry stands galore, coffee brewed right in front of you, so much fiiine pottery hot damn, cute fluffy animal keychains, great little jizo statues; what variety! It was bursting with everything, great atmosphere and so many fantastic artists, I was just wandering about with an awestruck look on my face. Here are a few snaps from the scene.

This is my stash, missing one thing – a little Fuji-san coin purse. Okaa-san actually went today too, just before me, as I bought the coin purse from her friends (I recognized the fact from a story I’m too tired to tell, but they were for sure broskis). They said she had just been there with Chiro-chan and bought the same item, albeit in a different pattern. Cool! This also meant that she came home from the market with sweets, one of which was a kinako mochi-doughnut with anko inside. Might just be one of the best things I’ve ever eaten, lawdy we’re gonna drive to the actual store sometime that’s where our inspiration levels are.

Today was also the day of okaa-san’s eigo lesson, which meant an hour of fun before dinner. We got in and started off nicely, with some talk about my going to the PPAP cafe and Japanese students dancing and pop culture. Then we devolved into politics. Mainly the shit show that is the US right now, but also how they all think Abe-shushō is ineffective at anything, Britain’s collapse, respect for Germany and their beautiful Chancellor Merkel, the fear for France in the coming year and more. Kathy (the JET person leading the class), a Cali-native and just a few years older than myself, has also been consumed with the media as Trump has pulled up and shared her feelings on that. Oh how friendships strengthen 🙂 She also brought me Old Spice deodorant, which is crucial since mine is full out and Japan doesn’t do deodorant like we do. Alas, she’s just funny and tonight we had some good mutual concerns to bond over. She also linked me this gem, which is priceless. I’ll admit, I don’t fully get it either but heck if I can’t appreciate it. A good day indeed.

Also side note, today at the market me and this nice old guy chatted (him in English, em in Japanese – fun) about my being here, and then he asked about Trump, as in straight up, “But why?” and I just had no words for this sweet old man. None. His question was just so simple and sad and he ganbatte‘d me at the end of our convo and just ahhh, what is happening here man.

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