So Over It With Otou-san

A day of just me and otou-san, woah! Okaa-san was a busy lady today, so she left us to our own lazy devices. This is not a thing that has happened before, so it was something I was curious about. Most of the day was spent with me doing homework, playing with Miao-chan or reading fanfic, but then dinner came. This is yet another confirmation that yes, I have broken otou-san and we are indeed bros. In as much as we can be across the still-challenging language barrier and complete difference of interests. Whatever.

We talked about . . .

  • garu garu kun ice cream, which was the most recent popular ice cream in Japan (and Japanese brand, if you couldn’t guess it) before Haagen Daaz swept them to the side. it’s still here, but so is Haagen Daaz.
  • the fact that his favorite food outside of Japanese food is ramen. excuse me sir, I think you missed the point of my question.
  • buffalo wings, and their lack of existence in this country (give me a moment; I’m not crying, there’s just something in my eye, like a branch or a contact). he tried to explain their slight equivalent, which I googled but what I came up with was the legend of an oni who stands guard outside of jinja. okay man, I’ll say I tried but we’re not there.
    • he went on to further explain about Colonel Sanders – he was talking about goddamn KFC spicy chicken. figures.
  • how he hated cats before Miao-chan in all her cute tubby joy came along. thanks to Franco and Susan’s cats I wasn’t quite in that predicament, but she too has made me much more fond of little meowing plops.

Okay also during this dinner otou-san had what must’ve been at least 5 coughing fits, all varying levels of intensity but generally pretty worrisome. Jesus, like what was up? To make it better his first fit was right before dinner started. I asked if he was okay and when he assured me that he was fine I took a bite of a gyoza, only for it to be steaming hot so that I too, was a mess at the table. The two of us just sat there in pain and laughing companionably at each others predicament. Good to know that we can happily be losers together – seriously A+ bonding.

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