Falling For Furoshiki

Who needs alarms in this day and age? We’re always so rushed, surrounded by technology from dusk ’til dawn and without a moment of silence. Which is what I got this morning when my dunce self either didn’t hear or blindly shut off my alarms. No, today I awoke to the sweet and concerned voice of okaa-san asking if everything was okay. Okay? I thought to myself? Why, I feel so nicely rested and the sunlight is so soft and pretty and OH DEAR LORD it is 8:30 and I’m supposed to be walking out the door right now SHIZZ biscuits. Yeah, who needs alarms?

I jumped up, threw my crap in my bag, flailed into pants and a shirt (thank god I fell asleep in a bra) and flung open the door. Shower? No time. Breakfast? I’ll take that convenient onigiri now, thank you. Bless their souls, otou-san drove my mess of a self the 5-minute ride it is to school while I sat shotgun in a mixture of silent shame and gushing gratitude. Made it with 15 minutes to spare too. Moral of this story is, you can’t trust the system. Okay, that’s a lie – moral is that I’m a lucky idiot and I can’t be composed even if you give me a full week break, a pre-return weekend of mainly snoozing and an early bedtime. I give up.

Besides that it was a pretty fair day. We took a field trip to the YWCA, Japan’s version of the YMCA except cooler ’cause its focus is on women. Praise. We learned that they actually provide pretty nifty services, in Japanese, Filipino, Taiwanese, Chinese and English , regarding marriage, divorce, document translation (for daily living and foreigners with children in Japanese schools), legal documents and more. Rock on YWCA! Then we were free, and it was a nice solo walk home for me. I took the cover photo on this little stroll, just because it was a quaint abode.


At home I was mainly catching up on news until okaa-san came home, which is when I busted out my new furoshiki and bag handles. We had an hour+ long tying session, where she taught me how to use the handles, how to tie the bag all on its own, how to tie it for carrying wine and more. Super useful, pretty and fun – I can’t wait to buy more (and cry over the money-sucking of it later, ahaha, ha). It’s funny because okaa-san says it’s a strange part of Japanese culture, and most people get bored talking about it or generally prefer the new super-small-folding eco-bags to furoshiki, but I could play around with and talk about them for a full day. I love our cultural exchanges so much.

Oh, and today I also tried the gari gari kun ice cream I mentioned yesterday, because otou-san is a sweetie and decided that since we talked about it a bit I should try it. He tracked down a meron pan (melon bread) flavored pop, which I got to devour upon coming home. It literally had bread in the middle of the popsicle, not stuffed in like some barbaric combo of the two but slowly increasing in the middle until the core of it was more prominent than the ice cream by my last few bites. I really really liked it, both for the flavor and the unique-ness of it, and you can bet your butt I’ll be hunting this down at a conbini or wherever I can find it.



Side note, my posts from the past few days (read: from Wednesday on) are all fully updated, so if they were a wreck last time you checked please do go back – I promise fun pictures at the very least!

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  1. Patricia nagy says:

    Hi Elizabeth glade you had a nice. Week off I guess you got too lazy so now back to work or should I say school I bet you won’t over sleep again poppy and I getting ready for conn hope it’t not too cold love grandma


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