Tapping In To Tokyo Skytree

So long Kamakura, you’ve been great! Today we were off to Tokyo, which was met with . . . curious feelings. Let me clarify by saying that neither Lizzie nor I hold any interest in Tokyo, especially living near enough to NY in the states to have visited our fair handful of times and have a steady stance on it. Neither of us are particularly city people, at least not in the clustered, built up, sensory-overload type way. Places like Honolulu or Kyoto are okay, but New York and my pre-visit impression of Tokyo? No bueno. A sentiment that I’ll stand by at the end of the day.

We started off at the station, which is a maze-y mess of a place for someone who already rarely travels via subway or any similar system. I’m a bus girl through and through at this point. Once we freed our way to air a few levels up, we had the challenge of finding a luggage locker, which ended up being pretty doable but still took a fair bit of searching and backtracking to get there. Ugh. Then we clarified which bus we were taking later and slowly wander over to the Ginza line that rode our butts to Skytree. So nothing too crazy, not nearly as smelly or dirty as NY and no grand crowds, but it was also Friday noon-ish and I assume most people were at work or the city’s hotspots. So I’m betting we just got lucky with a desert rendition of the city.

When we got to Skytree we had to figure out what the hell was happening, so we settled on a shop and went for it. On the way was a beautiful radio blasting of All I Want For Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey, which Lizzie and I loudly and unashamedly belted out as we rode the escalator and made our way over to the store. Many looks and much fun – sorry to live up to the American stereotype, but it was worth it. There was a grand ol’ character/pop culture store that occupied most of the 3rd(?) floor, so we wasted an hour in there admiring Gudetama galore, Monster Quest madness, dope Dragonball things, Ghibli goodies and more. Oh, the store had it’s own PPAP section with a Pico Taro impersonator dancing there. Hell, I would happily take that job for the 20 days or so that the section will be up. I walked out with a Colossal Titan mystery box and Lizzie with a slime thingy. Still not sure what it is/what it’s from, but I’m glad she’s happy.

Next stop: Pokemon Center! They had a badass Rayquaza busting through the ceiling, floor to ceiling pokemon plushies and a general sense of joy wafting through the air. Oh what a beautiful thing. There were also 2 peeps in Pikachu costumes that came waddling out from behind the store to pose with the Rayquaza, each other and more as they danced around everywhere. Very adorable, and I did my fair share of chasing them through the place 😉

After that hour of awesome we headed down a floor for our main task; the PPAP Cafe! First was getting there though, ha. I went into a store to ask some employee but ended up sampling karee senbei before I got a chance to, so that was a bit deliciously awkward. Whoops? We did get the info though, and it involved us getting cold outside to cross the building and get there. Lovely light display on the 4th floor patio as we wandered though. Normally I’d be pissed to see so much Christmas stuff already, at least in the US, but then I remember that Thanksgiving isn’t a thing here so it’s okay. Very elaborate and pretty.

We did make it to the PPAP cafe but Lizzie has those pictures 😉 Tune in later for the (hopeful) update on that!! Know that we both donned wigs and his scarf, and I danced my way into the cafe much to the cashier girls embarrassment, or at least that was how I read it.

Last but not least? Our overnight bus, dun dun dun. Not too much sleep to be had for Lizzie, but I think I managed 6+ hours. Would do again for the money it saved, but only as an end-of-trip thing!



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