Off The Beaten Path

Lazy mornings and cloudy skies do not make a motivating pair at all. Today was another slow rise and rather laid-back on the whole, which was nice for recharging. This morning we started off on the long path of 3 torii in the middle of a main road in Kamakura, which lead to the archery temple of Tsurugaoka Hachimangu. There were beautiful mums there that we admired, as well as many kids in beautiful kimono and so many stairs (not really too bad, but there were quite a few). The shrine here had a bunch of beautiful chrysanthemums, which Japan is top-notch at growing and cultivating in the plant world. There were lovely statues of archers (see the reflect-y glass picture below) and the temple itself was huge and with presence.

Lunch was tempura at this side-street restaurant, and it was so so good. Cute set-up with the food prep/arranging right in front of you as you sat at the bar. I love the in-front-of-you cooking that’s so common in Japan, goodness! We sort of wandered about via my phone map after that, bouncing around from small shrine to smaller shrine, neighborhood temples and small little places like that.

Valley of somewhere, name to be checked. This was a nice quiet area, about a 5 minute walk from the road. We stumbled upon an elderly group painting there, which is always fun to me. Walked through a lot of trees and up a fair few steps to get there, but once we truly entered the temple grounds it was like a quiet other world. Very soft silence, with few people and a lot of interesting things to look at – there was a huge monk statue and a full graveyard contained in this area. We went and sat on the steps of the temple for a good half hour or so, which was relaxing and serene.The temple itself was one of the simplest I’ve seen, but it had such a defined presence that it’s one of my favorite. Very sturdy, very grounded and a bit removed from the town.

We returned home after this for a 1 1/2-hour nap, which extended into an unintentional 3-hour nap. Whoops! Hit up Kau Aina for burgers, and dang was it a good choice. They had a loaded caesar salad, which was really good and full of corn. I mean, weird but I’ll take it. The burgers themselves were sooo good and tasted like home, with cheddar cheese, avocado, so many tomatoes and yum. Great end to the night!


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  1. Patricia nagy says:

    Hi Elizabeth poppy and I were just thrilled to see and talk to you last night love grandma


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