Quaint and Cozy In Kamakura

Akiyasumi, or fall break, is upon us and I’m so excited!! Lizzie and I are together in Kamakura and the surrounding area for 7 days, and it’s going to be fantastic. In order to get to Kamakura we took the Shinkansen, that magical bullet train that travels 285 mph. Very quick, smooth and full of great window scenes. Japan has such a beautiful mix of old, spacious rice paddies right next to pachinko parlors and the town a few km away. A lot of ‘where have I just been transported? date please?’ type of moments as we sped through the country.

By the time we got to Kamakura we were able to eat, so we stopped at this adorable Hawaiian-style cafe that served loco moco (didn’t get it, just appreciated it). I had an acai bowl, which did remind me of Hawai‘i, plus the cute seaside-shack feel with old-timey 50s music. Place was perfect and I think we’re going back; Daisy’s Cafe was the place, and it was great. A couple with 2 huge dogs also came in, and right before they left I worked up the nerve to talk to them while petting their dogs. They were so excited that I was studying abroad, have a daughter studying in America who wants to find a husband there so she can move to the US, and were so sweet about my petting their dogs. Dogs were also cute and well-groomed with hairclips and ahh, so fluffy!

Here was the view from the diner, some fantastic ocean filled with people wind boarding, my hotel and a very small, very random jinja we saw on the way to Komachi-dori. This place is honestly so timeless and indistinct, in that sitting in a cafe you feel as though you’re anywhere. Gorgeous ocean? Check. Lovely scenery? Check. Various people leisurely walking by? Check. It’s very calming and peaceful.

We did end up at Komachi-dori eventually, a bit late in the game but we did it! A bit more low-key than Teramachi, but still bustling with people lined along the narrow road. We both ended up buying furoshiki and a magnetic wooden contraption to make a handbag. A bit hard to explain and I won’t try, but it was a fun purchase and we’re both pleased. After that money drop we decided it was time to get stuffed and stopped at a kaitenzushi place, which was fantastic. It was literally called ‘Sushi-Go-Round’ and it had some pretty good salmon; god how I love raw fish.


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