Thoughts On Kyoto: Part 4

Both Miao-chan and Myuu-chan were out and about this morning, how awesome! Here they are chilling, plus otou-san in one shot by accident (okaa-san was like ‘get out! you’re ruining the picture, whyyy?’ it was very adorable).

Okay, the main feature, the thoughts part. Here goes:

  1. No one knows why, but today is some magical day in Japan because it never rains on 11/3. Like, ever. Okaa-san said she can’t think of a time it rained on this day in the past, and while I find it hard to remember the weather just this morning, never mind a precise day every year for the past several decades, I’ll give it to her.
  2. As fast as some people walk here, just as many shuffle by like they have no plans, endless time and nobody walking behind them. Sorry clowns, but I got places to be and these sidewalks are too narrow for me to get by your slow-waddling tush.
  3. Unagi (eel) is getting more and more pricey, and is generally a desirable fancy pants fish. I do not like it at all. I’ll eat most foods and respect why people like it, in that I can appreciate that it has a rich flavor, unique texture, yada yada. None of that for unagi, I just don’t get it.
  4. Chicken wings ain’t a thing, at least not for anyone I’ve talked to here. I’ve steered them on the right path for when they get the chance, rest assured.
  5. Not all, but most bus drivers lately have been announcing when the bus is stopping or going to start moving. Very cute.
  6. So many kitchen goods at the Hyakuen Shoppu, I got myself hella silicone cupcake wrappers the other day. Those are a reach peach to order back home, while here they’re sprinkled about like flowers. Beautiful. They also have the cute bento picks, which I bought as toothpicks for parties (yay reusables) and I’m excited to not have to fork over $5-6 for the same on Amazon.
  7. A lot of ravens just chillin’ around Kamogawa. They’re so majestic.
  8. A lot of AKP senseis dig animal manga.
  9. Vegetarian here means you just don’t eat meat; fish are still chill for consumption. So making sure you clarify/explain that you’re a no-fish person (if that’s your story) may be necessary.
  10. They have great strawberry milk? I’m not a huge fan of milk and exclusively do chocolate milk if anything, and yet sometimes that’s still too milky. Not their beautiful ichigo miruku. Praise.
  11. Deodorant is not a thing here!!! How the hell do y’all not smell?! Like I noticed that there aren’t too many stanky people here, but without deodorant? Come on guys, I’m not about that life and I’m running low. Help a bro out and get real people.
  12. Everyone, men included (hell, men especially) all have really nice bags. Like, purses/over the shoulder/stylin’ satchels. No judgement of masculinity for being with ‘man purse’, just suave, practical bags for everyone.
  13. The security guards at Doshisha care about the orderliness of the bike racks. I think it’s a passion; they’re always so neat and exactly in line with every other of the 47 or so bikes that are in the line.

Okay, wrapping this with a side note. Today at lunch I bought an ice cream cone; it comes neatly packed out of the freezer, and it’s literally a cone with a thick cardboard/plastic-y wrapper. Fine, great, whatever. While I was sitting at the table trying to fully take off its packaging, some witchcraft went down and I don’t know what the hell happened but suddenly my cone was on the table, ice cream smeared across my sweater and laptop case, and the tip of the cone that has the creamiest ice cream was on the ground a foot away. I couldn’t believe it and I still don’t. How, and why me?!! This is me trying to keep it from leaking from the bottom as the cone started collapsing on itself.

My food struggle is always real, but this was just ridiculous, even for me.


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Part 1235

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Patricia nagy says:

    Hi Elizabeth next time carry a spoon to eat your ice cream cone and you don’t have to look at the ice cream on the floor just think you didn’t eat all those calories. Love grandma


  2. Deodorant is different here in Japan but it exists. They don’t tend to use roll-on but spray things. It acts more like cologne than proper deodorant. THAT SAID, roll-on is starting to appear in bigger drug stores, they’re just teeny and cost a lot. I’d order online if you can!


  3. Bonsai says:

    Funny list…love the cat pictures too!


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