Benkyō Is A Bore

Freshly washed clothes are so nice; smell nice, a bit soft, feeling all fresh. Not when they’re sopping wet though. This morning I tried to wake up early (ha, that hasn’t happened in the past few weeks) and I did, only to learn that the wash cycle was longer than I was expecting. So I may or may not have ran out of time to hang my clothes to dry this morning. Ahhh, the struggles. Okaa-san was sweet and shooing me off to school so I wouldn’t be late, telling me she’d finish hanging them on my behalf. I felt so bad but I didn’t want to be late, so run I did. I don’t deserve this wonderful family.

In class yesterday sensei was telling us about how abundant salamanders are in Kamogawa this month and next, telling us how one professor last year had a serious thing for them. That prof invited everyone to go with them to the river at night to see/catch the salamanders, but my sensei was not about that life so she passed. She is, however, all about them reptiles and showed us a calendar she bought with them. These are some of the top pics from it (she was sooo excited to show us these lil guys! Or not so little – one of them grows to over a meter long).

After that excitement things calmed down a bit, and it was a nice easy breezy beautiful Covergirl day. Everyone wondered/yelled at my wearing just a tank top, but even though it’s a bit suzushii it’s still nice weather. Plus I’m from New England. It’s fine people.

Came home to find Miao-chan in my chair, so I let her be and sat in the neighbor chair to let her chill and be cute. Otou-san said she looked like she was studying, so I set her up with my kanji notebook and let her try the student life. She tried, but student life is tiring; Miao-chan isn’t cut out for this stuff.


The dessert of the day was more goodness from Uji, specifically matcha pudding. Yummmm! There’s one left, so I’ll be having that tomorrow after class 🙂 At the moment Miao-chan is snoozling on the chair across me while kind of attacking me leg. So cute, and such sharp little teeth. That’s all for now, so oyasuminasai!

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  1. Patricia nagy says:

    Hi Elizabeth ask your father about his lizard Godzilla not my favorite he even got lost in the back yard one time love grandma


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