Doctors, Disasters and Dope Desserts

Sleepy. Soooo sleepy. Today was a late start, tired Liz and overall exhausting day. But that’s boring talk, so I’ll tell you about interesting stuff. Central Italy saw a 6.6 magnitude earthquake yesterday that destroyed a lot of their historical and/or religious structures, which is sad. This is the area’s 4th earthquake in the past 3 months, the first being in August and causing people to camp out on the outskirts of town or in government-provided hotels. This most recent quake saw hundreds without electricity, more than 15,000 people in the aforementioned hotels/shelters, and a hell of a lot of grief. Since it struck 2 days ago the area has had over 200 aftershocks; this is madness. I’m not telling anyone to pray or anything, just to know that this happened and is currently a situation on Italy.

I normally don’t do news-y things, but I don’t have much to say today and I had to give a news report for nihongo today, so sharing is caring, right? During our nihongo class break, I told sensei about the Halloween PPAP special and because everyone here loves it, we pulled it up and watched it. I also told everyone about the PPAP Cafe that opened today in Tokyo. It’ll be there when Lizzie and I go to Kamakura next week, so you bet we’re going! I told the office that I plan on going, so they gave me and Lizzie each a Pico Taro scarf and wig from their Halloween costumes, so ready to be those gaijin and get my dance moves on point. Tokyo, here we come.

Today was okaa-san’s English lesson, to which I also went. Today we talked about the following:

  1. Japanese hospitals close. I mean, there’s always 1-2 open in a broader area, but they close on holidays and random weekdays. Whaaat?
  2. Different toothpaste here. Cathy (eigo sensei) says it’s weaker and they rarely/never have fluoride.
  3. Every year Japan, I think through a specific monk, chooses a ‘kanji of the year’ to represent the year. This happens on December 31, and one year the kanji was doku (poison).
  4. We all picked our personal kanji of the year and okaa-san chose 猫 (neko, or cat) because this year she got Myuu-chan.
  5. Both Miao-chan and Myuu-chan were strays, which I knew. What I did not know, however, is that she found some random guy along the river, where they were living before, to catch them for her (he’s really good at catching cats, apparently). She said the whole process is exhausting, as she then carries them, takes them to the vet for shots and more, and has to overall deal with all that is catching strays. You go woman.
  6. There are so many types of doctors in Japan it’s ridiculous. In America, I don’t care what’s wrong you just go to the doctor. Here, the oral surgeon is different from/better than the dentist, they have an eyes-nose-throat doctor just for allergies, and a bunch of other specific crap. Ha, I feel like I’m lucky to see any doctor.
  7. Doctors are not the rich-guns we have back home. Here it’s a meh-salary job and a lot of people don’t quite want to do it. Being a nurse or pharmacist is much more preferable.
  8. It rarely snows in Kyoto. Sadness was felt.

Unagi-don (eel rice bowl) for dinner tonight. Eel is hella pricey, so I felt bad, but I don’t see the appeal and kind of had to force it down. Sorry guys (shhh, they don’t know and that’s okay). It’s okay though since dessert was bombin’. Matcha tiramisu and roll cake, plus milk tea made my night.


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  1. Patricia nagy says:

    Hi Elizabeth wake up we have all different doctors in the states too your just lucky you haven’t been sick so you just go to your doctor but if you had some problems your doctor would send you to a specialist that eel looked yucky love grandma


  2. Anthony says:

    I was always able to buy aquafresh with fluoride .


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