Halloween and Ticket Horrors

Happy Halloween! A lot of the excitement over here happened over the weekend already, but today is still the day and it never hurts to keep up the spirit. No one in costume on campus, and the day opened with a 2-hour test (good lord was it long) but I imagine all is well and spoopy in America. The office was also mega sweet and gave everyone a few bags of candy from America, in cute pumpkin/vampire/ghost-y plastic bags, you know the ones. Very appreciated 😉

Once classes ended I checked in with Doshisha’s travel office (yeah, we have one of those, what what?) to see how the hell Lizzie and I could get to/from Kamakura. Turns out that there are overnight buses, Shinkansen seats and whatever else we needed, so I ran home (via the bus, use your imagination guys) to grab some mad cash and skedaddled bak. It took us about an hour and a hell of a lot of confusion, but our travel is set for Kamakura! Although no lies, we walked out completely unsure of what the hell we’d just bought. Yes, we knew the general things like ‘riding a train in’ and ‘overnight bus out’, but from when and where and all the connections? Well hell. At least we got ’em.

Once I returned to home okaa-san cleared things up for me so I know what I’m doing know when we leave for break, but god that was such a mess! She even wrote out potential train times and schedules, she is too freakin’ sweet!!! Very nice, I’m very excited. We had the little pumpkin guy for Halloween and he was super tasty, plus a bag of Halloween candy okaa-san excitedly bought. Props man. Tonight also had the exciting special feature of Halloween PPAP. Check it out if you have a minute or two!

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  1. Patricia nagy says:

    Hi Elizabeth you are fearless but maybe you should take okaa-San with you love grandma


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