Cool Stones, Cats & Kaki-Koori

Lizzie had friends in town today (courtesy of her mother), a lovely couple in their 30’s named Christina and Cat. We met up with them at the start of the Philosopher’s Path, a famous and beautiful walk through Kyoto with a lot of shrines and temples along the way. While we didn’t get a chance to stop at any of them we did enjoy a lovely stroll, and got to know these two awesome ladies as we made our way along. They’re both so sweet and cool, as in grown-up-Liz aspirations. They’re Vermont people with a dog, both in med stuff (so scary! so impressive!) and super in love with Japan, something we all share with one another. Great group to hang around.

Along the path we saw a lot of cats, though there’d have been even more if it were warmer, and stopped to pet/take pics of a few of them. All so clean and fluffy and good with people! We also saw some nice ducks chillin’ in the canal along the path, bobbing for food. Right on duckers. Once we pulled ourselves away from all the cute-patoors, we stopped for something to eat and oh, what a good decision we made.

We found a shop with koori! Despite the fact that it’s been an elusive lover and pretty much went out of season with the coming of late-September, it’s still alive in at least one cafe in Kyoto. They had the classic shave-ice-in-a-cup stuffed thing hanging in front of the store, but the outside menu said seasonal so I just kind of stood there laugh-crying about how wonderful or cruelly tempting this could be, until the shop woman saw us debating outside and just opened the door to invite us in. When she said they had koori? God jesus I dare you to find a happier soul than myself at that moment. Proceed to me devouring matcha koori with azuki and dango – yuuuuuuum!! Lizzie had a lemon one with condensed milk, which makes it creamier (learned that in Hawai‘i) and it was good. Christina ended up ordering one too and she loved it, as any good person does.


Once we’d all gotten brain-freeze (Lizzie’s fingernails had literally turned blue, it was kind of terrifyingly fascinating) we decided to keep on walking, so we did until the path ended. There we saw Lizzie’s favorite temple, name forgotten and to be updated, but it was closed so we just took pictures in front of it. It counts, kind of! From there we hitched a bus to Teramachi and went out on the town, with me getting a pretty tea canister, Christina acquiring a rad af yellow/orange/green plaid-ish sweater, Cat buying a few lovely jackets and Lizzie enjoying everyone’s enthusiasm for getting weird stuff. Very fun! Multiple stores had overalls, which was very Vermont, as I was told many times, but one went so far as to do this . . .

Truly unique. Another store also had this dog guy, who was rockin’. A bit more browsing and some time later we all split for Christina and Cat to enjoy a vegan place, and for me and Lizzie to keep browsing and find meat. It was really such a pleasure getting to meet and spend the day with them, I hope that maybe we can connect again in the future. They were so rad!

Afterwords me and Lizzie spent some time in a manga store browsing through het crap overload, some intriguing and partially disturbing yaoi, and a beautiful shiba inu manga that I bought, because why not. I also did one of the gatcha machines for Gudetama, and I won a little UFO version of him! I was so pleased, I probably scared a lot of people around me. Whatever, they don’t know joy.

Ended up passing this Indian place that looked fabulous, because when isn’t Indian food an awesome option, and good thing we did because it was beauteous. I had mango lassi, chicken saag, chicken tikka masala, cheese naan and gulab jamun. Take me now. There was even a screen playing various Bollywood videos, which were mostly fantastic and there’s even one I’ll share with y’all because I feel it truly embodies the life of any student; it’s called Fake Ishq and it’s glorious, I couldn’t stop laughing my god. I even showed it to okaa-san, and while she was very confused she was also laughing, so that was fun. That basically sums up the day; it was busy but mellow, with new friends and a very satisfying adventure. So loving life right now.


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  1. Patricia nagy says:

    Hi Elizabeth those are the ugliest pair of pants I ever saw hope you didn’t buy them also if you get brain freeze again all you have to do is press your tongue to the roof of your mouth and it will go away love grandma


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