AKP Halloween Parade today, even if it was a bit early! Everyone who wanted to got to don a costume, lug around a basket of candy (which a sensei would happily refill if you were running low) and happily-aggressively go to Japanese students saying ‘Happy Halloween! Douzo!’ so they’d take some candy. Surprisingly a lot of walking people refused it (lame-o’s) but most people were really excited! There was even one group of girls I ran to because I had 5 pieces left, there were 5 girls – whoa – and they excitedly ran at me for the candy. Super rad! We also saw these Doshisha students dressed up, which was pretty awesome since they were the only ones! The first pic is our resident director/Smith professor Hubbard-sensei, plus her husband. They’re always so adorable together (Hubbard-sensei literally charged at people shoving candy into their hands; she was the only one who could get the campus officers to take some)!

The sensei’s dressed up Japanese comedian Pico Taro from PPAP, that ridiculous video that’s blowing up the internet. They even did the dance once we were done handing out candy 😉

It’s not much and a bit obscured by my hair, but here’s my Halloween costume for Japan. Okaa-san couldn’t let me go out without a costume, so I have Chiro-chan’s headband on loan. Thank god I have black and white clothes (aka 1 shirt). Simple and fun!


Lizzie and I finally decided where we’re going for fall break; Kamakura here we come!!!

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  1. Patricia nagy says:

    Hi Elizabeth I like your costume we old people in fl do it up they have a big Halloween party at the club house and everyone dresses up and this year anyone who has a dog or cat can be in a parade as long as they have a costume on I guess everyone is in their second childhood love grandma


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