Buddies On The Bench

Class was not at all a desirable idea this morning, but despite the sads and a pounding headache I lugged my butt to campus. Friends were super supportive and sensei even gave me a hug and was super understanding about everything; she even gave me a hug, and considering that touchy-touchy stuff is uber uncommon in Japan, I felt honored. I’m always surrounded by such beautiful people. Class after that was all good and even blew by. Then came . . . the bench.

While waiting for Steph (who never showed!!! loser) I took a seat on one of the benches along the main path, super sunny but not a soaking wet mess. After I scarfed down half of my lunch while studying, I went to take a break only to hear a voice to my left. Excusez-moi, who you talking to? Lil ol’ me? Why yes indeed-y do. He was this cool 4th year Doshisha student who studied abroad in Canada for a semester last year and who was super friendly. He kept kindly complimenting my nihongo, asked about my time here thus far and even helped me study (I had a quiz today*)/taught me new words! We’re talking slang, old-style weirdness, a couple of grammar points – that he then incorporated into our convos because “really using and practicing new language in conversations is the best way to study!”. So freakin’ friendly and cool! His name is Yuki-san, and now we’re fb friends so hopefully we can hang out more and I can get some swank new nihongo under my belt. (reference for self: he studies commerce.)

After we parted ways, I had 5 minutes until the aforementioned quiz* so I anime-bolted to sensei’s office to cram study and meet with her. She’s proud of my nihongo (read – I don’t suck! Wahoo!) skizzles, expressed super sympathy for my Bella-boo and really cared about her and my performance abilities because of it, and even gave me a bit of time to study for the quiz since I got distracted with Yuki-san. AKP rocks my socks off. Shortly after was my immigrants class then sweet freedom. I stopped by the same cafe with the creme brûlée to buy myself a lil pumpkin dessert thing, partially because it looked yummy but mostly because I wanted the pumpkin dish it came in. See, when we went before and took creme brûlée home, they just gave us the ramekin, which is pretty. So knowing that I wanted the pumpkin dish (the ramekin^ will come soon, trust me), and since it’s been on my mind for a week plus I went for it today. I’m a weirdo, what can I say.


Dinner was courtesy of okaa-san, which she was so sad about and kept dissing her own cooking skills and all. It was bad but also cute, and when I couldn’t finish the veggies she took it on as her ‘responsibility’ to finish them. Otou-san’s words, after they both sad it tasted bad. He called it her duty to finish what she started. Harsh shit man, but they were both okay with it. Anyways, that entertained me for the night and overall I had a pretty decent day. Calling it a night early for once, hopefully I’ll see Bella in my dreams. Oyasuminasai.

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  1. Patricia nagy says:

    Hi Elizabeth glade today went good for you today it’s good to keep busy Bella will always be with you and time will help you deal with your great lost love grandma


  2. Patricia nagy says:

    Morning Elizabeth night for you told your father to watch the show on japan last night very interesting did he ask you if you asked okaa San if she knew how to play fans and last night they were playing agame where you put a looked a hockey puck on a table and keep putting your palms of your hands over it and someone picks it up maybe okaa-San knows hope to do it glade you had a good day love grandma


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