Bye Bye Bella-boo

Today I lost a very dear friend; my dog and sister, Bella, passed away this morning. It was a sudden passing and she wasn’t in too much pain, but it was also unexpected and very disheartening to hear from halfway across the world. I skipped courses today to stay home, and while it was a big mess of a day for me I also have wonderful friends who talked to and distracted me for the better part of my day. Bless you lovely beings, y’all know who you are. Other than that I have nothing much to say, besides some words honoring Bella.

Bella-boo was the sweetest, derpiest pup ever, and always had the goofiest grin that made me happy in an instant. She had the best howl, and whenever a fire truck came whooshing by (I live 30 seconds down the hill from a fire house) she was ‘whoooo’-ing right along with it. She was sneaky about it though – it was crazy hard to catch her on video, but I did it once or twice! What a sweetpea. Her tail was always whomping away, her hair flying full-force everywhere (I still find it now in my clothes, despite having been on study abroad for almost 2 months now). I could never get tired of that, if it wants to keep up once I’m home. Oh how I’ll miss her.

Bella-boo, my sweet pea, my big bear, you’re forever in my heart and I’m thinking of you all the time. Your endless sloppy kisses, the way you woke me up (a bit too often, if I may say) by sitting on my head, your adorable need to be a lap dog despite being a 90-lb lub of love; those will always be precious moments I’ll think of fondly. I love you precious girl.


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  1. Patricia nagy says:

    Hi Elizabeth love the tribute to Bella she’ll always be in your heart love the last picture of her in the hat she looks Russian love grandma


    1. lizhatesfizz says:

      Thanks Grandma, I agree fully. And that’s one of my favorite pictures of her; super fluffed and ready for the cold 🙂


  2. Losing a pet is awful and heartbreaking. I’m sorry to hear of your loss. She sounds like a great pup, and like she was very well-loved.

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    1. lizhatesfizz says:

      Aww thank you so much, that’s so very sweet. I really appreciate it, she was indeed a sweetie loved by all she met (and kissed like crazy).


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