Gotta Get That Gudetama

Got guac? Yesterday I told okaa-san about the wonders of guacamole, as well as the every-yummy breakfast of an egg cooked in an avocado half, and she’s super-intrigued by both of them. Which meant that today I came upstairs to find her recreation of my verbally described avocado-egg. It was really good, and I’m impressed at how fast she moves on something she’s interested in, but it was also funny in the way that she made it. She asked me ‘isn’t it kind of hard to eat?’ and yes, yes it was because she cut it the short way rather than into a long half. Too cute. Soon we’re going to make guacamole because she, like me, is an avocado gal and yet has never had this beautiful dip. Just you wait okaa-san, true love will find you.snapchat-1386559867299137717

After class today I had nothing in particular to do, so I went down to Kawaramachi Shijo to shop around. Specifically, I wanted to get okaa-san this adorable sleepy-cat pattern teapot cozy we saw a few weeks ago and that’s she’s regretfully brought up since. I figured it’s a win-win; I get to show her thanks, she’s happy and, bonus, when she makes me my own pot for milk tea now it’ll keep warm. I think about these things. Anyways, I ended up getting the cozy, then taking a peek at this fabulous store I found called Sanrio Gallery. It featured a few popular characters, such as Doraemon and Hello Kitty, but most importantly, they had Gudetama stuff. What the heck is this thing? It’s this lazy, masochistic thing that finds living to be almost unbearable (weird shit, right? I dunno). Do I get it? Hell no. Am I in love with it? God yes, so much. I plan on returning only once I’ve figured out what I want to buy so I don’t blow my savings or anything too wild. Serious big decisions to make in this Gudetama goldmine.

I finally pulled myself out of there only because I wanted to (re-)explore some other stores. Returned to Muri, some other stores in that multi-story mess and the Can-Do hyaku-en shoppu. Muri definitely has some great travel stuff and cool snacks, so I plan on going back multiple times. Same goes for a store the floor below it, which had a bunch of fab kitchen stuff (spice scoops, milk jam, metal toothpicks and so much other stuff) that I barely pulled away from. Then, in trying to explore all of the floors I got up to the very top, only to see that I couldn’t take an escalator down. The heck? I had to wander around this weird semi-maze setup they had going on, flailing through this fancy store where I was obviously out-of-place and not interested to make my way to safety. Never have I felt such relief at seeing one of those things before.

Next, or maybe before that(?), I hit up Baskin Robbins! It’s this lovely ice cream parlor that we used to have in Connecticut, and we still do have a few, but they started clearing out a few years ago and there are none super near to me. Anyways, they’re just a good, semi-childhood-vibe ice cream place that I love and am very excited to know exists in Japan. I decided it was time for a treat-yo-self and popped in for a 2-scoop cone. They had special flavors ‘Vampire Kiss’ and ‘Love Potion’, which were chocolate blood orange and strawberry-raspberry swirl with chocolate hearts, respectively, that I tried and promptly ordered. Way tasty, need to get that again before they go out of season! I enjoyed it in their upstairs, where I had a nice moment of ‘yes, this is real, I’m in Japan and so lucky and content right now’. Also admired their decor, pretty quality considering Japan is relatively new to this whole Halloween thing. They were prepping for Christmas a bit early, but what can I say, this is the kind of sick world we live in.


Last stop of my adventure was the Can-Do, where they sell reusable silicone baking cups for $1 a 4-6 pack (what?!!! I had to go through amazon for that stuff, and at a much higher price!). I bought some square ones and some mini circular ones, plus a fancy egg boiling indicator, for less than $7. Score, score and score for Liz!! Then I left for home, where I got back right around 6 as according to plan, and gave okaa-san her cat tea cozy. The look on her face when she unwrapped it was pure joy and it made me so happy, I only wish I had a picture or something! Alas, I’ll live with the memory, but she really did light up and it was grand! Now I’m watching Q-sama since there’s a 3-hour special, praise this world. Peace y’all.

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  1. Patricia nagy says:

    Hi Elizabeth did you read my comment yesterday I don’t know if it posted and I don’t remember what I wrote that’s what happens when you get old! I glade your looking for bargains all the time but if you buy too much remember they charge you extra for over weight bags on the airlines love grandma


  2. Patricia nagy says:

    Hi Elizabeth just wanted you to know you must be hurting because of Bella we all are but you must remember to only think of all the good times you had with her life is not always easy and you have to learn to take the good with the bad just think she is with Dakota now love grandma


    1. lizhatesfizz says:

      Thanks Grandma, it means a lot. I appreciate the love and know she’s happy running around wherever she is know. Love you guys.


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